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The following is a guest post about justice. If interested in submitting a guest post please read my guest post policy and then contact me.

A few years ago I was involved in a hit and run car chase. I was the one chasing! I was innocently driving to work one morning in my small Ford, taking a short cut through a built up residential area rather than using the main roads in a bid to cut out some traffic. All of a sudden, I noticed a large black Subaru closing in behind me. This Subaru was literally trying to get into the boot of my car, it was driving so close.

Because I was in a built up area, there were a lot of speed bumps on the road put in place to slow down cars on these roads. As I drove over a speed bump, the “Subaru Guy” tried a dangerous overtaking manoeuvre which resulted in hitting my car from behind, slamming it into the kerb.

Before I could register what had happened, the Subaru Guy screeched away and left me in his dust! Already annoyed by the tailgating beforehand, adrenaline and injustice surged through me and before…

By : Adam | 26 Aug 2014
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Corporate Social Responsibility Changing the Face of Business

By : Adam | 25 Aug 2014

“Greed is good,” declared Gordon Gekko in the famous movie, Wall Street, and, throughout the 1980s, that may have been true; most customers weren’t concerned about the results or consequences of their purchases. They bought products regardless of the company’s reputation and didn’t bother learning …

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Carnival World MasterCard Review

By : Adam | 22 Aug 2014

This Carnival credit card is an excellent choice for those planning to cruise with Carnival, Holland America, or Princess Cruiselines. Carnival is the largest cruise line in the world, offering service to many of the globe’s most exciting and exotic locales. For cruise lovers, this …

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Betterment vs. Mutual Funds: A Comparison

By : Adam | 21 Aug 2014

Mutual funds have a long history of underperformance vs. the overall stock market indices. To make matters worse, they also charge exorbitant fees for all kinds of standard business expenses. It’s no wonder that with the surge in online brokers and online innovators, that someone …

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End of August 2014 Blog Update – Yes It’s Been A While

By : Jeremy Biberdorf | 20 Aug 2014

Why is it that every time I write one of these blog updates it seems like it’s been forever since the last one? For the first year or so I would publish one these updates every single week. It was my chance to ramble about …

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How to Double Your Happiness by Flipping “Your Gap”

By : Adam | 19 Aug 2014

The following is a guest post. It is a rebut to my recent post about sacrificing work life balance for business. Our appetite for success is necessary to reach our goals and dreams but it can also hurt our happiness. We all have a vision …

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Barclays pays out another 900m Pounds as PPI claims keep coming

By : Adam | 18 Aug 2014

The end of the Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) claims scandal is nowhere to be seen as yet another major lender sets aside hundreds of millions in compensation. High street bank Barclays has set aside another £900m to cover PPI refunds to customers mis-sold the insurance …

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