Why I Would Pay Off My Mortgage over Investing in the Market Every Time Modest Money2 Comments

This post has been written by Derek Sall, the owner and head writer of Life And My Finances.

I am completely debt free. I have no credit card payments, no car payments, no student loans, and as of December 11th, 2014, I have no mortgage payments. That’s right, I own my house free and clear.

After paying off a large debt in record time back in 2013, I decided that it was time to set the huge, audacious goal of paying off the remainder of my $54,500 mortgage in 2014. With an income of less than $70,000 a year, I definitely needed to get creative. I started out by reducing every bill I could think of by:

Calling Verizon and getting my plan reduced from $85/month to $60/month Shopping around on my insurance and saving over $400 a year by combining my auto and house insurance with a different company Shopping at a discount grocery store and spending less than $150 a month on food Riding my bicycle everywhere I could to save on gas Cancelling my escrow to stop overpaying into the bank’s account

After I reduced my spending to a minimum, I knew…

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By : Adam | 28 Apr 2015
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If You Are Thinking About Buying a Stock, Stop and Think About This First

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I am a simple man, and I like Bank of America (BAC) this year.  We all know interest rates have been low for a long time and we all know they are going to rise.  It is only a matter of when.  We also know …

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The Search for Yield Ends Here: Online Real Estate Investment With Fundrise

By : Adam | 24 Apr 2015

Guest Post By Ben Miller, Co-Founder & CEO, Fundrise Every wealth manager has a theory on where to invest, but their advice and the opportunity to participate will cost you. And, as we all know, the higher your cost of investing, the lower your overall …

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Staff in Woodlands office, Bedford, February 2010.

Why You Should Adopt Eco-Friendly Business Habits

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Eco-friendly business habits are becoming essential these days and it’s not just about protecting the environment. In the age of transparency that we live in, it’s as much about your reputation as anything. It might sound cynical but as brands are pressed upon to tell their …

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3 Reasons to Switch to E Cigarette

By : Adam | 22 Apr 2015

Demand for e cigarettes is on the rise. Budget brands can be bought in many stores on the high street while premium e cigarette can be found at more upmarket stores. Smokers are switching to e cigarette not only for its health benefits but also to …

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Get Hired the Smarter Way With Hired.com!

By : Adam | 21 Apr 2015

What a great idea! Having numerous employers fighting over you sounds like a very stress-free job search. Check out the video below for more info and then sign up here.

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Investing In Precious Metals for Your Child’s Future

By : Adam | 20 Apr 2015

Every parent is concerned with providing for his or her child’s future. We want to feel secure knowing that if anything were to happen to us, our children would be taken care of. This is why many parents choose to invest money in different ways. …

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