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Chances are you know someone who is involved in multi-level marketing, or network marketing as it is also known. Perhaps you’ve been approached about getting involved in such a business. The potential rewards are enticing. It’s a chance to become your own boss, leave a dead-end job, work from home, and tap into a seemingly limitless flow of income. Simply buy products wholesale and sell them to friends, acquaintances, and eventually strangers at a profit. Sounds pretty simple.

However, multi-level and network marketing are called something else by their critics: a pyramid scheme. That’s because the real money isn’t in selling products, but in recruiting other people to sell products— lots of people. As they sell products, or simply purchase items at the wholesale level, the recruiter makes a commission. Many well-known companies use this business model, with several being accused of being pyramid schemes.

Well-known multi-level marketing companies


Amway was among the first companies to popularize the concept of multi-level marketing, but also among the first to draw the ire of critics who labeled it a pyramid scheme. The website Skeptic’s Dictionary gives a detailed description of the Amway business model. While Amway has been accused many times of…

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By : Adam | 26 Feb 2015
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