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As the global economic arena shrinks and emerging markets continue to increase in relevance, supply chains in emerging markets are not only changing, they’re also becoming stronger. Those who are able to stay ahead of the game will move ahead and profit – those who remain ignorant of the growing opportunities will be left behind.

Emerging markets are those in lesser-developed countries, which, often thanks to fast economic growth, skirt the edges of wealth and production enjoyed by larger economies. This somewhat sudden exposure to global capital, technology, and talent causes an unprecedented growth rate for the country’s GDP, often outpacing that of more developed economies.

This springboard effect emerging markets experience offers a number of opportunities for the companies operating out of them. Production is in high demand and related costs are low. This gives companies the chance to expand not just to more developed economies, but also to other emerging markets, where the middle-class that forms from the economic boom has newly discovered funds to pay for products.

Emerging market companies choose to expand their emerging market supply chains into other emerging markets for a number of reasons. These reasons could range from bringing the supply chain closer to customers…

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By : Adam | 29 May 2015
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