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Construction is a fundamental step in housing the ever-expanding human population. It’s also a step with a sometimes destructive reliance on the environment: as urbanisation increases, so does our dependence on natural resources.

2007 marked the first time in history when there were more of us living in towns and cities rather than rural areas. Now, with buildings in the EU bearing responsibility for huge amounts of carbon dioxide emissions and energy use, it’s clear that our approach to construction will have to change.

Fortunately, there are companies sprouting up with innovative approaches to building that could help both the environment, the economy and prove lucrative to investors.

Building a Sustainable Future

Inspiring construction companies could be paving the way for a new variety of environmentally-friendly housing.

Luxury tree house builders Blue Forest use their sustainable construction expertise for a range of glamorous camping (or glamping) accommodation, eco-schools and studios across the UK. Their designs may become the norm for future housing rather than the exception.

Thanks to a joint engineering research project between the University of Bath and architectural firm Modcell, there are currently straw houses on sale in Bristol. Made from timber-framed prefabricated walls, stuffed with straw bales and…

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By : Adam | 5 Mar 2015
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