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Guest contributor, Barbara Friedberg

Are you interested in an easy way to take part of your income, invest it, and have tens of thousands of (dollars or more in the future?

Do you think you need to be super smart, sophisticated and educated to be a successful investor?

What if I told you that I know plenty of people who are in the second half of their lives now, never had particularly high paying jobs, lived quite well, with homes of their own, nice cars, annual vacations-who have high 6 figure (and more) investment portfolios.

Would you believe me?

One of the advantages of advancing age, is experiencing the results of your former behaviors. When my face was broken out with acne as a teen, my mom said, “You’ll appreciate your oily skin later in life, because you’ll have fewer wrinkles”. And she was right!

I wanted to invest in my 20’s and so I started buying stock mutual funds and bonds. My job at San Diego State University in my 20’s offered a 403(b) (U.S. non-profit employee retirement plan), so I jumped in. I wasn’t thinking much about compounding returns or how much money I needed in retirement. My interest was to build up…

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By : Adam | 28 Jan 2015
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Warning: E-cigarettes Could Lose Their Spark

By : Adam | 27 Jan 2015

E-cigarettes, they were once a glint of light for investors looking to make a foray into the lucrative tobacco industry. It all seemed too good to be true: they were reportedly healthier than regular cigarettes, you could advertise them and there were plenty of startups …

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Tools Your Accounting Department Needs Today

By : Adam | 26 Jan 2015

Your accounting department is a very important asset to your company. They’re in charge of the money, and every company knows that money is very, very important. Even if you have the most talented workforce and accounting team, it’s still important that you provide these …

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Modest Money Reviews Digit – the Automatic Saving Tool

By : Adam | 23 Jan 2015

Sometimes, I’ll review products and services and give you a cautious recommendation. This is not one of those reviews. I can unreservedly get behind Digit. If you only read this far, go make a Digit account today, and enjoy savings made easier than you’ve ever …

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Tricks to Revamp Your Customer Loyalty Program

By : Adam | 22 Jan 2015

In theory, customer loyalty programs are a great way to retain customers and encourage them to come back. However, in practice, loyalty programs don’t always end up the way you envision. If you find that your program is sluggish or unsuccessful, don’t despair. Your customer …

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3 Ways to Save Money in 2015

By : Adam | 21 Jan 2015

2015 has arrived, and from the perspective of our wallets, we’re on the right side of Christmas. In the coming months we can look forward to the return of financial stability, because even if Christmas gift-buying wasn’t a feature in your winter schedule, turning up …

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How to Make Major Purchases on a Budget

By : Adam | 20 Jan 2015

Being on a budget does not mean that you have to drive a bicycle, live in a tent under a bridge, and wear strings with pebbles tied to them as jewelry. There are some big-ticket items that even people on tight budgets need to have …

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