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This is a guest post by Mike, aka The Dividend Guy. He authors The Dividend Guy Blog since 2010 and manages portfolios at Dividend Stocks Rock. He is a passionate investor.

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Investing should be part of any personal financial plan. Unfortunately, many individuals are too busy paying their monthly bills and focusing on debt reduction. They tend to leave their investments at the bottom of their financial priorities, mainly because it seems complicated to invest on their own and the lack of trust in their financial advisor. While paying down your debts is very good approach, this is not a sound reason to leave investing behind. In fact, you can become a good investor if you learn these 3 easy lessons.

#1 – Dividend Investing Makes it Simple & is a Safer Bet

In 2010, I was tired of spending hours each week to manage my portfolio. I had a very aggressive investing model requiring lots of time to analyze and trade. This is mainly why I’ve shifted my holdings to a 100% dividend stock portfolio. I like dividend investing for the following…

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By : Adam | 25 Nov 2014
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How to Use Precious Metal IRA to Secure Your Retirement

By : Adam | 24 Nov 2014

The following is a guest post. If interested in submitting a guest post please read my guest post policy and then contact me. More and more retirees are switching to making precious metal IRA investments instead of simply investing in much less stable stocks, bonds, …

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A Review of The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham

By : Adam | 21 Nov 2014

The Intelligent Investor is the famous book written by Warren Buffet’s mentor, Benjamin Graham. This is one of the must read books for both average investors and Wall St. Brokers. In this book, Graham lays out his philosophy of investing and some key investing ideas …

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Bankruptcy and Business: What You Need to Know

By : Adam | 20 Nov 2014

Struggling with finances is something that many businesses have dealt with throughout the company’s life, but sometimes debts pile up to the point where a company may have to file for bankruptcy. If your company is struggling with your finances and you can’t seem to …

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Find the Best Finance Education in Manchester

By : Adam | 19 Nov 2014

It’s almost the end of 2014 and students everywhere are finally turning their minds away from high school and looking forward to what’s to come at college. If you’re one of those students that has settled on doing a business degree, then your next choice …

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Top Reasons You Should Get a Business Appraisal

By : Adam | 18 Nov 2014

Every business owner wants to be successful, and some make the mistake of assuming that the bottom line in their accounting software is all the proof they need to determine just how well the company is doing and how much it’s worth. But this isn’t …

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The Business of Coffee: 10 Surprising Financial Facts

By : Adam | 17 Nov 2014

The global industry of the coffee trade is quite large. Coffee is more popular than ever, no other beverage is more revered or respected than our trusty cup of joe. Coffee is a $60 billion dollar industry, produced by third world nations and consumed by …

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