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Many people truly enjoy giving to their favorite charities. Some even earmark a portion of their income each year to be given as a charitable contribution. However, some people have found themselves in a financial bind and they’re unable to make the donations that they have in the past. Others have never been able to afford to donate cash, but would love to contribute in other ways.

It’s true that charities need cash, but they also need help in other ways. As economic woes affect people across the country many charities find themselves stretched too thin. Of course money is tight, but as other resources dwindle, charities can use assistance on several different levels.

We’ll take a look at solutions that allow people to assist charities in their work, without complicating your own budget.

Donate Your Time

Perhaps the easiest way to donate to a charity is to donate your time. Helping hands can be scarce for many charitable organizations and help on all levels is greatly appreciated.

Experts suggest investigating charities before you contact them,…

By : Adam | 22 Jul 2014
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The following is a guest about spending money. If interested in submitting a guest post please read my guest post policy and then contact me. Are you worried about how you waste a large sum of your money whenever you go through your income and …

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