It’s hard to believe, but apparently today marks the 6 month anniversary of the Modest Money blog. So happy birthday to my blog!

Yes I know birthdays are normally an annual thing, but I’m proud for having kept this blog going this long. A large portion of bloggers end up throwing in the towel before reaching this point. Usually they find out it is just a lot more work than they had anticipated and the money just wasn’t coming in.

I do acknowledge that it was a lot more time consuming than I had expected, but at least it has been enjoyable work for the most part. Rather than typical copy and paste type marketing strategies, it’s instead been all about connecting with other bloggers. Since there are so many personal finance blogs, you really get to choose who you want to connect with. So you don’t have to waste your time putting up a false front trying to connect with people who rub you the wrong way. I just wish I had more time to connect with other bloggers. I feel bad when someone new starts commenting on my blog and I just don’t have the time to consistently repay that favor.

In addition to the time factor, I think I have made pretty good progress on all my blog stats and finding my blogging voice. I’ve even managed to make some money from my efforts. With any luck the momentum will keep going and the work I’m putting in now will pay off even more down the road.

As promised I got nice and drunk to celebrate this anniversary on the weekend. Now it’s time to celebrate with all of you. So who’s coming by for drinks?? 😉 Without all your support there’s no way I would’ve lasted this long. You all provide so much support and inspiration. I really appreciate all your help!

To show my appreciation I am hosting a big giveaway contest. This contest will run for 2 weeks and then random winners will be chosen. Unless otherwise stated, you can only enter with each method once. Any attempt to cheat the system will result in all your entries being disqualified.

I am fronting some cash for this contest, but I also had some blogger friends step up huge to contribute a prize for this contest. In total we’re giving away over $200 and a few awesome ebooks. Thank you so much! I highly recommend everyone check out their blogs and follow them on social media:

To enter the contest, use any of the entry methods listed in the widget below (entries must go through rafflecopter):

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Good luck everyone! And thanks again for all your support!

You’ve also got until August 3rd to enter the giveaway on

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