How’s everyone’s 2014 going so far? I can’t believe it’s already April. Things have been so busy with me that the year has just been flying by.

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these blog update posts, but I figure I’ve got a few things to update everyone on.

Guest Posts

First of all, I apologize for all the guest posts lately. The majority of them deliver high quality content, but I realize that isn’t always the case. As much as I’d like to keep writing all of the content around here, my schedule just does not permit that. I hope that does not detract from the experience on Modest Money. The plan was to make this a multi-author blog all along, but I know a blog can always improve.

I’ve actually published enough guest posts lately that my queue is running low. So if you’re looking to get some extra exposure for your blog and some strong backlinks, shoot me an e-mail. I would be happy to publish your post.

Top Canadian Finance Blogs

At the end of April the first round of the Top Canadian Finance Blogs Poll will be coming to a close. Total votes are lower than last year’s poll, but that is because of the winner of that poll chose to not defend his title despite displaying the winner’s badge at the top of his sidebar. Still, it’s been a pretty good turn out so far.

The top 10 blogs will be moving onto the final round to determine who are the top Canadian finance blogs for 2014. A lot of blogs are still in striking distance of making that cut. So head over to the poll and cast your vote if you haven’t already. For the Canadian bloggers out there, now is your chance to make a final push to make the cut. The blogs that make the final round will get much more exposure.

Modest Money Top Finance Blogs List

Yes we have another list :) The top finance blogs list isn’t a poll though. I created this list as a way to automatically rank the top finance blogs based on various stats. There are similar automated lists like out there already, but for whatever reason they’re not properly updated. Feedback so far has been very positive.

As of today there are 174 great blogs listed, but there are lots more who have not submitted their blog. If you are a finance blogger and haven’t submitted yet, what are you waiting for? Even if you don’t have high enough stats to be ranked high on the list, it can still act as good motivation to keep improving your stats and move up the list. Since all of the list stats update every week, it’s a decent way to stay accountable.

I honestly don’t remember if I ever mentioned this on here, but I also run another finance related blog called Airline Miles Experts. Well I say I run it, but really my virtual assistants have been running it and have been doing an awesome job. A little while back I swapped in a better looking theme and it’s really starting to come together. Right now it’s mostly just a budget travel blog, but the plan is for to evolve into a full resource for saving money on travel. For example, we recently created a comparison of airline credit cards that compiles the key data for all major US airline credit cards.

I suggest you check it out and let us know what you think. If you’re a blogger, perhaps there are some ways we can cooperate with marketing. Or if you’re really nice, you can share a page or two from that blog on social media. We would welcome travel related guest posts on that blog too.

Wedding Planning

Now for something more personal…a lot of you probably know by now that I’m engaged to Girl Meets Debt. Yes I know that she is awesome. Well she’s been taking charge of the wedding planning so far, but isn’t that how these things normally go? I’m sure that in most cases the future bride already has a good idea of how she wants it all to be or at least wants a major say in every decision. That leaves the guy to just nod his head and whip out the credit card. Ok maybe since I’m cheap we debate a little bit about some costs, but overall she’s doing an awesome job with planning. Thanks sweetie!

We’ve already got both our venue and photographer booked. Considering that we have a lot of time left before the wedding date, I’d say that’s pretty good progress. That means that two of the more expensive aspects are already decided with minimal arguing. Now with any luck the rest will be smooth sailing. Then again, with our luck, ‘smooth sailing’ is a foreign phrase.

TV Shows

Lately GMD and I have been getting into more tv shows. With all the good ones out there, I don’t think that’s much of a surprise. The only problem is that most of the ones we got into are done their seasons. The last one we got caught up on is House of Cards….great series, but I hear that the next season won’t be released until the middle of next year….are you serious?? At least Game of Thrones is back, but that’s just an hour every week and I believe it’s supposed to be a short season. Does anyone have any recommendations of some other good tv shows to check out?

On second thought, with how busy I’ve been, maybe tv isn’t the best use of my time. We do all need breaks though. I’d rather ‘waste’ a bit of time throughout the week instead of completely burning out. It’s a tough balance though. On one hand you want to bust your ass and get ahead and on the other hand you want to remember it’s all a marathon and not a sprint.

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