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So I’m back at work and holidays are over. Since this was only a 3 day work week, it flew right by. Then at the end of next week I’m off to the sandy beaches of Mexico.

At work it’s been a bit of a rush as I try to cram in some marketing work before my vacation. Overall things are progressing well, but the industry is still facing turbulent times. So the pressure is on to improve traffic enough to accommodate that.

Next week we’ll be launching a big cash giveaway contest. The prize is rather substantial which should ensure the contest goes well. If you could help get the word out about it once it is live it would be much appreciated.

Planning the Canadian finance blog polls should keep me pretty busy at home too. Hopefully I won’t be too busy to catch some of the football playoffs starting this weekend.

Favorite Posts On Other Blogs

Since it’s been a little while since I did a link roundup, I’ve got a lot of great blogs to acknowledge. I’d love to acknowledge even more bloggers, but with so many blogger friends, I’ve gotta focus on the ones that provide the most benefit. If you want to be included next week, shoot me an e-mail.

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Any football fans out there want to make a prediction as to who’s going to win the Superbowl this year? I think it’s shaping up to be a really good playoffs.

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By : Jeremy Biberdorf | 5 Jan 2013
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36 thoughts on “Beginning of 2013 Favorite Blog Posts

    1. Jeremy

      I think 49ers have a pretty good chance. If the Packers win today that will be an awesome matchup next week. I’ll have to find a bar in Mexico to watch that.

  1. Canadian Budget Binder

    Cheers mate, looking forward to your upcoming give-away. I agree with focusing on the one’s that provide the most benefit as the list, to me and my fans as even mine is growing too big. I’ll be doing the same as you. Cheers Have a great week.

    1. Jeremy

      Yeah when the list grows too big the benefits start to diminish for everyone. So I’ve been forced to take steps to limit the size. For example, I used to do mentions and favorite posts all in one post. I’m looking forward to the giveaway too. Unfortunately I’ll be on vacation while it is running. So I’ll mostly just see the end result.

    1. Jeremy

      It is a bit surprising that the Cowboys are still struggling. Sounds like they’re going to have a big of a shake up during the offseason to try to improve things. Hopefully you’ve got a second favorite team to cheer for.

  2. Grayson @ Debt Roundup

    Thanks for the mention Jeremy! I hope you have an awesome time in Mexico. I am sure you will. I will be sure to help out with your giveaway promotion. I don’t really know who is going to win the superbowl this year, but it would be cool if one of the teams with a rookie QB would take it. You never know….RG3, Wilson, or Luck!

    1. Jeremy

      This has been the season of the rookie quarterback. It’s pretty amazing how well those guys have done. You forgot to mention Kaapernick too. He’s probably the one with the best chance.

  3. Brian

    Thanks for the mention Jeremy – Have fun in Mexico. Once you and Mo Money are back in town we’ll have to do another meetup and hear about your travels.

  4. Kim@Eyesonthedollar

    Thanks for the mention. Mexico must be just right this time of year. I’m pulling for the Broncos. Peyton Manning is around my age, so that makes me feel not so old. Looking forward to the giveway.

    1. Jeremy

      Ouch, sorry to hear you’re the same age as Peyton 😉
      He’s one of my favorite quarterbacks. So I’d like to see them do well. There are a bunch of teams I like in the playoffs though. I don’t know who I’d be ultimately be rooting for once they start playing each other.

    1. Jeremy

      Yeah something like that lol. No my parents happened to be renting a condo down in Mexico this month. They’ll be there for a while, but there was only one week that worked out for us to go down there. We can’t say no to free accommodation in Mexico.

    1. Jeremy

      Tell me about it. Since the holidays ended up ending a bit hectic, it’ll be nice to get away for a while and lie on the beach drinking Coronas.

  5. Lou Rodriguez

    Happy New Year, Enjoy Mexico, and Be Very Careful! As for the playoffs, I think we’re looking at Green Bay vs New England in the Super Bowl :)

    1. Jeremy

      We’ll be in a pretty tourist friendly city. So I think it will be fine. It’s not like we’ll be in one of the border towns. Thanks for the reminder to be careful though. As for the superbowl, that would be one hell of a final, especially since I’ve always really hated the Pats.

  6. Jason @ WorkSaveLive

    I’m all for Denver winning the super bowl! Not only do I want them to win, but I think they have the best shot of getting it done.

    Have fun in Mexico…that sounds like a blast. Are you going with friends or the gf?

    1. Jeremy

      They are on a pretty good streak and Manning seems pretty damn comfortable with the team. So it would take a big performance for someone to take them out. For Mexico I’m going with my girlfriend and will be staying in a condo that my parents are renting.


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