Last month I mentioned that I’d be hosting another round of polls to determine the top Canadian finance blogs. I was hoping to start that poll at the end of January, but in all honesty I just haven’t had the time to get started on it. So check back at the end of next week to start voting.

Since there seems to be a lot of football fans who read my blog I’m assuming a lot of you will be watching the Superbowl tomorrow. Hell, even if you don’t regularly watch football, I’m sure lots of you will still be watching somewhere…or you will at least be in a room with it playing. This is actually the first season that I’ve really got into the NFL….thank you NHL lockout. That means I’m a lot more interested in it this time around. Previous years I’d mostly just catch the occasional regular season game and some of the playoffs. I’m hoping the 49ers kick some ass. Yeah there’s other teams I like more, but hey you gotta cheer for someone.

Beyond the Superbowl I think it’s going to be a pretty quiet weekend. My girlfriend managed to get the flu this week. When I was sick with the same flu last week she took care of me. So I’ll want to do my part to take care of her.

On the work front it sounds like I’m going to take on a couple part time PPC contracts soon. It’s not my usual focus, but I’m pretty confident I can do a pretty good job with it. One contract will be for the company who originally converted me from webmaster/programmer into a SEO pro. Since I worked there for several years I know their niche inside and out. Setting up and managing their PPC campaign should be no problem.

The other contract is a bit more interesting. If I take that one on it will be on a bartering basis. The guy runs a personal trainer company, but has a limited budget for marketing. Because he’s a friend of my boss and because I could stand to get in better shape, I offered to help him out in exchange for personal trainer sessions. I have my first session with him soon to see if it’s something I’ll want to pursue. I’m excited about the opportunity since I’d probably be too cheap to hire a personal trainer myself, but I know I could really use some help to get back in shape.

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Any Superbowl predictions? What else is planned this weekend?

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