Well I didn’t get a chance to do a blog update last week due to the Canon Rebel T4i camera giveaway starting last Friday. Beyond that excuse I am thinking of how to restructure my posting schedule.

While a blog is bound to evolve over time, I admit I’ve let the vision of Modest Money slide over the past few months. As I got busy with my job and other priorities, I’ve been writing less and less. Lately it’s been all guest posts other than my blog updates. I even had a blogger tease me about how I don’t really write these days when I attended a local blogger meetup. Go ahead, call me a sellout. I deserve it.

So going forward I am going to make more of an effort to write more of my own content. I do have a ton of guest posts in the queue though. So I will continue to publish those and I will keep accepting new guest posts from other bloggers. I really should write at least one of my own posts each week…and no not just these rambling blog update posts.

In fact, until I resolve some problems with Google, I am going to have to lay off the posts listing mentions or favorite posts. For the problems to get resolved successfully, I’ll need to maintain a squeaky clean format. There are some things that seem like perfectly accepted practices but still get looked down upon by Google. Since I don’t make the rules, all I can do is try to comply and jump through their hoops. Those kinds of posts may be taking away from this blog’s focus anyway. To take this blog to the next level maybe it needs to focus more on financial content and less on marketing gimmicks.

I don’t know if anyone really liked my weekend rambling and animal photos, but I apologize if you did. Perhaps I will switch it to a monthly post instead. We’ll see what the future holds and whether I have anything interesting to share. Reading about my progress at work and at the gym probably don’t make for the most exciting posts, even if it is a break from reading the same recycled topics about finance.

Just in case I don’t do another blog update for a while, here’s what’s going on in my life these days…

On the job front, things are going well. Rankings continue to improve and it looks like we found a major issue that could’ve been holding us back. So I’m excited to see the results when that fix is properly indexed by the search engines. I’ve got my fingers crossed.

I’m also making progress on the PPC campaigns that I’m managing for a couple clients. Actually for one, the client is making the progress and I’m just waiting on them. For the personal trainer I’ve got their campaign underway and I’m going to be expanding it to Facebook advertising soon. I think with the keywords being targeted and their current conversion rates, it should work out quite well. I just hope it doesn’t make it too difficult for me to score the prime 5:30 time slot for my own workouts.

It looks like my girlfriend and I will be checking out another condo or two this week. Our hearts are still set on the one I mentioned previously, but we want to make sure it’s the best fit. If those don’t pan out, there’s a good chance that we’ll be making an offer on the other condo. It just seems to be everything we’re looking for…price, location, size, quality, etc. We could really picture ourselves living there. And perhaps more importantly I could see the cats liking it a lot lol :)

This weekend we’ll be heading out of town to meet my girlfriend’s parents. I figure before we buy a place together it’s probably a good idea to at least meet her family first. I’ve met her siblings already on a camping trip, but we hadn’t got around to making it out to where her parents live. I’m looking forward to it, but hopefully she hasn’t said too many bad things about me.

***UPDATE: So my Google problem got resolved yesterday, which was a lot quicker than expected. That leaves me suddenly needing to figure out what approach to take to keep Google completely happy. Damn them and our love-hate relationship.

So if I do change things up around here, is there anything you want me to focus more on? Or are there any changes that you think would improve this blog?

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