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Hostgator is a well known web hosting company that has stood the test of time. HG’s history stretches all the way back to 2002, an eternity for web hosting. Believe me, for every one of these companies that has lasted from way back in the early aughts, there are 100 that failed. Probably more. Anyway, Hostgator’s early years were very much like those of other familiar hosting providers. Started by overachiever Brent Oxley is his cramped dormitory, Hostgator was named the 21st fastest growing company in 2008. With thousands of customers and hundreds of employees, the company was sold to EIG in 2012. EIG also owns BlueHost and a smattering of other web companies you might be familiar with. I’ve got lots of other information and details to…detail. So read on, if you like, and all will be made clear.

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First Impressions

Simply by existing more than a decade in, a hosting company declares something about its quality. Like I said before, lots of businesses have failed at this game. So by being a web hosting provider in its second…

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By : Adam | 13 Mar 2015
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So You’ve Decided to Choose a Domain Name…

By : Adam | 23 Feb 2015

As you may well know, there are a lot of websites out there; hundreds of millions in fact. Is it possible that there is space for you and the brand new website you’ve always wanted? Absolutely. But first, let’s make sure you’ve got a divergent …

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Blue Host Web Hosting – A Modest Money Review

By : Adam | 16 Jan 2015

Blue Host is a trusted web hosting provider, feature-rich and affordable. The company has been operating since 1996, an eternity in the hosting world. If you look, you will find hundreds of customer reviews from over the years. These tell the story of a dynamic …

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End of August 2014 Blog Update – Yes It’s Been A While

By : Jeremy Biberdorf | 20 Aug 2014

Why is it that every time I write one of these blog updates it seems like it’s been forever since the last one? For the first year or so I would publish one these updates every single week. It was my chance to ramble about …

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How to Create a Popular Blog That Makes Money

By : Adam | 11 Aug 2014

A popular blog is something that takes time to build. First and foremost, you have to have a reason for the blog other than personal struggles. Blogs based upon personal emotion from specific situations tend to become dramatic and loose followers rather quickly. The content …

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Top Canadian Finance Blogs 2014 Winners

By : Jeremy Biberdorf | 1 Jul 2014

And just like that we’re halfway through 2014. Up in the great white north, this means that it’s time to celebrate Canada Day. Around it means that the Top Canadian Finance Blogs poll has come to an end for another year. Despite having a …

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Top Canadian Finance Blogs 2014 Final Round

By : Jeremy Biberdorf | 6 May 2014

Now is the time for you to choose who will be crowned the top Canadian finance blog for 2014. This is the 3rd year that I’ve been hosting this poll. Interestingly neither of the winners from previous years has made the final round this year …

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