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10 Ways to Improve Your Personal Finances Modest Money4 Comments


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Americans are struggling financially. Wages are stagnant, consumer spending is down, decent jobs are hard to find, and gas and food prices are up and, no, it is not the 1970s. All of those metrics have one thing in common. None of us, as individuals, has influence over them anymore than we do with the past despite our concerns about them.

Two of the areas that fall within our sphere of influence include our credit score and our personal savings. By managing your credit score, you can save considerable money over a lifetime. By savings appropriately, you can make the most of your earnings. By focusing on your sphere of influence and minimizing your sphere of concern, you empower yourself to control what you can.

From Dancing with the Stars to vacation hot-spots for special interest singles, there is a measurement and a ranking for everything these days. Your credit score is no different. A credit score is a three-digit number representing your creditworthiness; it is an estimation of your ability to pay back loans to…

By : Adam | 4 Apr 2014
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If You’re Looking For A New Credit Card, Think “It”!

By : Josh Rodriguez | 31 Mar 2014

Credit cards have become an important part of the way most people manage their money these days. However, at some point, you may feel like the card you have in your pocket just doesn’t meet your needs anymore. Even if it does, it’s always best …

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An app-o-rama for hundreds of dollars?

By : Adam | 17 Feb 2014

Back in the 2000s the rage among credit card enthusiasts, if there is such a thing, was 0% balance transfer offers. Not to pay down debt, but to get a free loan and earn interest. They would apply for 0% offers, max out the cards …

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How Important Is It To Have A Credit Card?

By : Josh Rodriguez | 17 Feb 2014

Credit cards are one of the most widely accepted ways to pay around the world. However, just because something is widely accepted, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s something that you should have. For instance, cigarettes were widely accepted years ago, and it’s definitely not nor was …

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What To Do When You’ve Had Enough of Lenders

By : Josh Rodriguez | 3 Feb 2014

Hey everyone, thanks for swinging by! Today, I’d like to touch on a subject that I know affects tons of people. It’s credit cards. Now, I’m not talking about credit card debt, I’m talking about when you’ve HAD IT UP TO HERE with a lender. …

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