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It’s almost the end of 2014 and students everywhere are finally turning their minds away from high school and looking forward to what’s to come at college. If you’re one of those students that has settled on doing a business degree, then your next choice will be deciding on which colleges to apply for.

You want the best deal for your money and this is not always an obvious choice. There are many factors that contribute to choosing the right institution for you, and a lot of that lies in the facilities you will have access to, the lecturers that will be teaching you, course construction, and finally, location. Let’s take a look at the London School of Business & Finance as a case study.


LSBF Manchester University (London School of Business & Finance) has become a popular choice for international students looking for a degree that specialises in finance. The campus is located in the heart of Manchester, the UK’s second largest city which has been a centre of commercial and financial activity that has a history as far back as the Industrial Revolution.


While location is important to maintain that connection to current business trends so that universities…

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By : Adam | 19 Nov 2014
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When Can I Afford to Take a Vacation?

By : Adam | 12 Nov 2014

This is a question I found myself asking. I work hard. I spend a lot of my days at a computer, on my grind. Weeks, months, years pass by in this mode of existence featured very prominently in my day to day. I’m married and …

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5 Things You Are Probably Overpaying For

By : Adam | 7 Nov 2014

Most of us hate overpaying for anything. Yet we do this all the time without realizing how much money we are throwing away. Below is a list of five things that you are probably overpaying for, along with some simple steps to reduce their costs. …

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The Five Stages of Fees

By : Adam | 28 Oct 2014

Getting charged a fee—especially a massive or unexpected one—can be an emotional experience. So when fees happen to you, it’s important to understand the five stages of fees. Denial The easiest way to first deal with fees is pretending they don’t exist. Fee? What fee? …

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Five Things to Consider Before Taking Out a Guarantor Loan

By : Adam | 21 Oct 2014

Five Things to Consider Before Taking Out a Guarantor Loan Loans have never been more difficult to get in the UK, with new regulations forcing banks to be much more selective in whom they loan money to. Even those with reasonably good credit can and …

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A Personal Finance Thriller

By : Adam | 16 Oct 2014

For the last six months or so I have been working on my first novel, a personal finance thriller entitled Cream City Hustle. While there are financial thrillers out there, it is a fairly small genre. I’m not even certain that a would be sub-genre, personal …

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Saving on Sunshine — How to Spend Less in Turkey

By : Adam | 14 Oct 2014

With beaches, warm temperatures, and plenty to see and do, Turkey is more popular with tourists than ever before. But as this is incredible country has continued to become a bigger and bigger favorite, thanks to regions like Dalaman and Antalya, so has the average …

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