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Education is the Way Towards Long-Term Increased Earnings

It’s well known that education is one of the major factors towards a good salary, but choosing the right degree can help to boost long-term earnings as well as increase career opportunities. Having a good qualification also means that the likelihood of periods of unemployment is reduced, whilst building on qualifications over the long-term will reflect in regular salary increases.

Whether you’re starting off on a college degree course or considering career change it’s important to recognize that the right educational qualifications are key towards a good annual salary.

College grad vs high school

If you want to get financially ahead then the answer is to obtain a degree. It’s estimated that a college graduate will earn 60% more over the lifespan of their career than those with a high school diploma. Another major factor towards long-term earnings is that graduates, although not immune from unemployment, are less likely to have trouble finding well-paid work, than those without higher education qualifications. These factors are a major reason why so many people decide to go back to school in later life to study for qualifications that will help to expand their career choices and increase…

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By : Adam | 4 May 2015
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Dental Care

How To Save On Dental Care

By : Adam | 1 May 2015

Medical research is increasingly discovering the strong relationship between a person’s oral health and their overall well-being. Oral infections have been linked with diabetes, heart disease, stroke, respiratory, infections, breast cancer and premature births. One theory is that your body’s immune system is weakened when …

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How Can You Trust Anything You Read Online? How Communities are Sharing Knowledge

By : Adam | 30 Apr 2015

You spend a lot of time online. I spend a lot of time online. It’s inherent to the human condition at this point, and it’s not changing anytime soon. We hang out with friends, make plans, and (more and more) educate ourselves about the world …

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3 Exciting Places to Retire Without Breaking the Bank

By : Adam | 29 Apr 2015

Whether you’re dreaming about a distant future or planning for the long awaited retirement in a few years, it’s always useful to know your options. Retiring abroad is unlikely to be the cheapest option available, but it is an attractive one. We’ve weighed up some …

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3 Reasons to Switch to E Cigarette

By : Adam | 22 Apr 2015

Demand for e cigarettes is on the rise. Budget brands can be bought in many stores on the high street while premium e cigarette can be found at more upmarket stores. Smokers are switching to e cigarette not only for its health benefits but also to …

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Key Differences Between Consolidating and Refinancing Your Loans

By : Adam | 17 Apr 2015

Financial jargon was meant to be confusing. Isn’t that frustrating? Even more so, financial jargon was designed by banks to intimidate everyday consumers so they avoid reading critical (and often burdensome) terms and end up owing banks more money in interest on their credit cards …

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3 Home Security Strategies to Help Protect Your Family

By : Adam | 16 Apr 2015

A full blown home security system can cost thousands of dollars. If you’re trying to live within a budget it may be a stretch to invest that much money into total home security but that doesn’t mean that you should “do without”. At a minimum …

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