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The Five Stages of Fees Modest Money3 Comments


Getting charged a fee—especially a massive or unexpected one—can be an emotional experience. So when fees happen to you, it’s important to understand the five stages of fees.


The easiest way to first deal with fees is pretending they don’t exist. Fee? What fee? I don’t know what you’re talking about! Search my person and my vehicle—I think you’ll find that I’m totally fee-less.

After all, a two-dollar ATM fee seems puny at the time — hey, it costs less than a latte does. And a 1.5% expense ratio on a mutual fund is just a weeny little percentage. That is, until you use an out-of-network ATM ten times in a month. Or until you beef up your nest egg only to realize that the 1.5% fee is on your total assets, and compounds just the way your savings do. If you put that kind of realization out of your mind, then it’s almost like fees never existed, right?


Until they do! All of a sudden, that $30 a month in ATM fees can’t be ignored anymore. Or that ridiculous “convenience” fee for buying concert tickets online. Or the AUM fee you pay to your financial advisor, even though they aren’t exactly…

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By : Adam | 28 Oct 2014
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Five Things to Consider Before Taking Out a Guarantor Loan

By : Adam | 21 Oct 2014

Five Things to Consider Before Taking Out a Guarantor Loan Loans have never been more difficult to get in the UK, with new regulations forcing banks to be much more selective in whom they loan money to. Even those with reasonably good credit can and …

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A Personal Finance Thriller

By : Adam | 16 Oct 2014

For the last six months or so I have been working on my first novel, a personal finance thriller entitled Cream City Hustle. While there are financial thrillers out there, it is a fairly small genre. I’m not even certain that a would be sub-genre, personal …

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Saving on Sunshine — How to Spend Less in Turkey

By : Adam | 14 Oct 2014

With beaches, warm temperatures, and plenty to see and do, Turkey is more popular with tourists than ever before. But as this is incredible country has continued to become a bigger and bigger favorite, thanks to regions like Dalaman and Antalya, so has the average …

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The Top Ten Benefits of Accepting Credit Cards in Your Business

By : muhammad | 9 Oct 2014

Credit cards have become the norm. According to researchers, more than 60 percent of the US prefers to carry credit cards rather than cash. As a result, small retailers do need credit card machines to process card payments. However, small retailers often think twice about …

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John Hancock – the Manager of Managers

By : Adam | 9 Oct 2014

John Hancock has grown with the American economy and culture over the past 152 years. Since their 1862 founding, John Hancock has grown in status and specialty to have influence in all sides of the financial system. Today John Hancock is known as a “manager …

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How to Get a Good Financial Start in Life

By : Adam | 6 Oct 2014

The following is a guest post about getting a good financial start in life. If interested in submitting a guest post, please read my guest post policy and then contact me. I’m in a pretty comfortable financial position. I’m not rich, but I definitely don’t …

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