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Cases “For” & “Against”: PPI Claims – Hire A Company Or “Go It Alone” Modest Money1 Comment


Most people (especially those of you based in the UK) will likely have heard of the ppi reclaim scandal, but for those of you not familiar with such, here is a recap so get you up to speed:

The claims scandal is the single biggest financial mis selling scandal that Britain has ever seen, with a number of huge UK banks engaging in unethical mis selling tactics that have caused millions of consumers purchasing loans, credit cards, mortgages, and other forms of credit, to take on a policy that they had no need for from the outset.

Not only was this product miss sold on a large scale, but also over a period of around 15 years, which provides a snapshot of the scale of this mis selling problem & the sheer amount of people that could be due a refund.

Since the “judicial review” back in May 2011 (which was a court review stating that anyone who had been miss sold payment protection insurance is due a refund from the company that miss sold the product to them) there have been refunds for millions of people.

People who suspect they have been miss sold ppi, are met with 2 choices, bringing us…

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By : Adam | 13 Jan 2015
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New Year’s Money Resolutions

By : Adam | 12 Jan 2015

Every year millions of people set goals to improve their life over the course of the next year. Unfortunately these same people find themselves failing to meet their goals, or worse, find themselves in even more trouble at the end of the year. This is …

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How to Refinance Your Student Loans and Save Money

By : Adam | 7 Jan 2015

This is for all you overachievers who graduated and have a job but are still paying off your student loans. Awesome things you have figured out: College? Check. Career? Check. High interest rate student loans? Nope. There is much to be thankful for as a …

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Which Peer to Peer Lender Should You Choose?

By : Adam | 2 Jan 2015

Peer to peer lending is a new and exciting industry that many people are starting to take advantage of for funding college, weddings, cars, down payments on real estate or to just pay down other debt. The real draw for many people is that the …

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2015 Savings Challenge

By : Adam | 31 Dec 2014

The Challenge The Moneystepper 2015 Savings Challenge has just been launched with the objective of helping participants accelerate their journey along the road to financial freedom. The general idea is that each member of the challenge will work towards two annual goals: % Increase in …

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15 Things Banks Look for When Buying Core Banking Software

By : Adam | 29 Dec 2014

Core banking helps connect the customers to their branches. Customers get the power to handle their transactions from any branch. Multi-channel software enables them to do their transactions through multiple mediums like branch, internet, mobile, etc. The software is highly beneficial in attracting customers as …

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2015: The Year Your Watch and Fridge Start Sending Money Overseas?

By : Adam | 24 Dec 2014

What will you be wishing for in 2015? On New Year’s Eve our minds will be occupied with future plans, expectations, concerns and also possible surprises. We’ve taken a look inside our own crystal ball to see through the mist of Christmas festivities and predict …

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