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How the California Housing Financing Agency Helps First Time Homebuyers Modest MoneyLeave a comment


California has one of the most challenging real estate markets for first-time homebuyers. Several cities in California have average home prices which far exceed the average person’s ability to pay. With housing prices on the continual rise, something has to give if normal people are going to be able to count themselves among the population that owns the homes in which they reside.

A citizenry of homeowners is great for state and national economies. With a population as large as California’s, more homeowners will improve economic factors in many ways. Just to name a few, homeowners create a stronger tax base than a state of renters. Homeowners create wealth in the form of equity, which translates into better education standards for their children, better health standards, and all of the other positive effects of private wealth on a small to moderate scale. Homeowners also contribute to the stability of individual neighborhoods and communities, which benefit from long-term occupancy and commitment to crime reduction and general standard-of-living improvement.

But many buyers, especially first time homebuyers, simply can’t afford the cost. With home ownership so essential to the health of an economy like California’s, there is one group which is stepping into the…

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By : Adam | 10 Jun 2015
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Achieving that Dream Vacation Faster With Smart Savings

By : Adam | 9 Jun 2015

Modern Use of Roman Philosophy Back in the days when Rome ruled a large portion of the world, Cicero, a Roman Philosopher, Politician and Nobleman once stated, “To save, is to invest for the future”. Those words ring even more true in our own 21st …

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Universal Currency May Not Be As Far Off As You Think

By : Adam | 3 Jun 2015

Conspiracy theorists have long heralded the coming day of one world governments and the like. And while this is an intimidating idea for some, it’s likely to exist in some form someday. We can make this prediction because universal currency already exists. Bitcoin has been …

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How To Find The Forex Broker For You

By : Adam | 2 Jun 2015

There are a lot of steps that ensure you are successful when it comes to investing your money. While many investors focus on which investments they will be putting their money into for the maximum return, many overlook the importance of finding the right forex …

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Emergency Professional Relationships that Every Grown-up Needs

By : Adam | 1 Jun 2015

I write a lot about ways to stop living paycheck to paycheck, and how to gradually increase your wealth. I spend a lot of time writing about ways to dig yourself out of a financial ditch, but I don’t spend as much time talking to …

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Learning to Live With Money: Get the Best By Preparing for the Worst

By : Adam | 28 May 2015

Part of improving your financial life is learning to live with money. That may be a strange thing to think about. But having resources, and using them wisely, is a skill all its own. If you’ve done the hard work of eliminating debt, living frugally, …

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Dave Ramsey vs Suze Orman – Battle of the Personal Finance “Experts”

By : Adam | 27 May 2015

There are two power players when it comes to personal finance, Dave Ramsey & Suze Orman. Dave says to have a $1,000 emergency fund immediately. Suze says to save a little bit at a time.  Each one has their different ways of doing personal finance, …

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