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Peter G Trimming

First of all, if you haven’t entered my cash giveaway yet, what are you waiting for? In addition to cash prizes I’m also offering up some blogger specific prizes. So hopefully plenty of fellow bloggers enter.

Also on Monday I co-hosted a group giveaway for $100 cash. Be sure to enter that contest too.

Next week I will be announcing the next big giveaway I’m involved with. I won’t reveal what is being given away, but it’s more exciting than both of the giveaways mentioned above. So stayed tuned and subscribe to my RSS feed to get in the loop.

Life at my daytime job has been great this week. Now that the Google problems are out of the way, it’s back to being a normal website marketing job. Link building gets done and we can actually see the results in the rankings. It’s not so fun building links when the rankings are nowhere to be seen. In that kind of situation it’s pretty tough to know which keywords to focus on. Plus it gets you a little worried about job security. An SEO pro is a perfect scapegoat when Google gives a site problems.

Outside of the job and blog, it’s been a good week. Last weekend I went to a junior hockey game and had an awesome time. It was a nice hockey fix, especially since it was a fraction of the price of watching an NHL game live. The only disappointing part is that the visiting team scored short handed with 5 seconds left in the game to win by 1 goal. Still, it was an exciting back and forth game. If the NHL lockout keeps up much longer I’ll be sure to hit up another game. Too bad they rarely televise any of the junior games.

Modest Money Around The Web

To make my week even better, there were a ton of blogs linking to Modest Money this week. Thank you everyone. You all make running a blog so much more satisfying. Christmas apparently came early around here.

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How is everyone’s daytime job going lately? Does it change much at this time of year?

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By : Jeremy Biberdorf | 7 Dec 2012
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36 thoughts on “December 7th 2012 Blog Update

  1. John S @ Frugal Rules

    Glad to hear the day job is going better. Being in marketing, ours gets a bit nutty in November and goes until about a week or so from now and then it’s dead until the first few weeks after the New Year. Both my wife and I are looking forward to a little bit of down time over the Holidays. Have a great weekend Jeremy!

    1. Jeremy

      That rush time sounds like it would work out well with the holidays. During that time of year you don’t want work to be on your mind too much. I didn’t realize you do marketing for a living. That explains a bit of why your blog has taken off so quickly.

  2. K.K. @ Living Debt Free Rocks!

    I just got a new implementation project put on my plate right before the holidays so that’s always fun…but I will soon be leaving for warmer shores and will take a week off during the holidays to recharge the batteries so it’s all good.

  3. liquid

    I think broadcasters can take better advantage of the lock out by televising more of the junior games so hockey fans can still have something to watch (~_~) Cool that things at work is hunky dory. Not much change at my job during the holiday season, just minimal decorations here and there. Biggest thing I’ve noticed over the years though is the people taking their vacation time along side the Christmas break, so the office feels more empty in late Dec and early Jan. Thanks for the share.

    1. Jeremy

      You’d think the broadcasters would jump on that bandwagon, but I guess there are complications. For one it’s probably a little difficult to get broadcasting rights with the stipulation that they might have to end the deal part way through the season. I’ve never worked at a big enough company that I’d notice the place getting quieter around the holidays. Or maybe I’m just one of those people always taking some vacation time around then.

    1. Jeremy

      Oh I know all about that from working for multiple e-commerce companies. A lot of their year does depend on the holiday rush. So when I’d be doing website marketing it would be so important to get their rankings up before that rush begins. Then things get super busy for anyone manning the phones or processing orders.

    1. Jeremy

      Yeah the giveaways have gotten a little excessive this last month or so. Since they help my blog and help readers too, I figure it’s something I’ll probably keep doing on a regular basis.

  4. Jason @ WorkSaveLive

    We exchanged some emails about my daytime job so I won’t answer that publicly. lol. :) Glad things are going well for you and a junior hockey game does sound like it’d be fun! Have a great weekend Jeremy!

  5. Joe Cassandra

    Just entered the giveaway (could use some $$) :D, my wife and I like minor-league hockey becuase it’s cheaper and there’s more fights (and we like the nachos….)


    1. Jeremy

      Maybe next I’ll go to a minor league game. The junior game was pretty tame as far as fights go. I think they might’ve been trying to clean up that part of the game in juniors.

  6. TB at BlueCollarWorkman

    Lol, differences around this time of year at my job include the following: We get paid to hang peoples’ lights. Can you believe it? I always think it’s ridiculous that someone calls a contracting company like ours to hang their Christmas lights for them(!!) but hey, whatever pays the bills I guess!

    1. Jeremy

      lol that must be an enjoyable contract for you. It is funny that people pay for that, but I could see someone doing that when they don’t own a ladder or if they are too old to be climbing up there.

  7. Edward

    Unless I hear differently, I believe that I am seasonally laid off. Today was the last day of the only project my company had north of Denver. Time to start filling out the unemployment form and see if I can’t find a job before the new season starts.

    1. Jeremy

      That’s too bad. Must be frustrating dealing with any kind of seasonal work where you are suddenly without work for part of the year. Good luck finding something else to hold you over.

  8. Canadianbudgetbinder

    Would you believe it if I told you I have never been to a Hockey Game yet in my life? Sad but true, maybe one day I’ll make it there. I still don’t understand the game then again we don’t really get into it back home. Cheers mate enjoy your weekend. Mr.CBB

    1. Jeremy

      You’re missing out my friend. Then again, your hockey teams in Ontario aren’t much to write home about. Head out this way and I’ll take you to a Canucks game to see some real hockey. Well save that for next season since this one is a write-off. It’s a great sport once you figure out what’s going on.

  9. AverageJoe

    I absolutely love hockey, and junior hockey is a great way to get a fix.

    Sadly, when we moved to Texas, my hockey options ran dry. Shreveport had a team (about 75 minutes away), but they folded….ironically right after they won their league championship!

    1. Jeremy

      Yeah I’d think other than the NHL in Dallas, there wouldn’t be much hockey down in Texas. It looks like Dallas is getting better once the NHL gets back playing. It would be a shame to not see Jagr play for another season or two.

    1. Jeremy

      I was actually considering the possibility of getting seasons tickets to junior hockey. It wouldn’t be all that expensive. Well that is if it weren’t for the fact that I tend to like to drink at games.

  10. Jason Clayton

    My day job is a PM, and the craziness is pretty random throughout the year depending on the nature of my projects. Right now, its been a bit crazy which I’m hoping calms down after the holidays.

    Hope you enjoy your weekend!

  11. Matthew Allen

    Here in Grand Rapids, MI – we have an awesome alternative to the NHL. The Grand Rapids Griffins are the minor league (IHL) farm team for the Detroit Red Wings. We get to see some fabulous players come through the system. I’m personally not a huge hockey fan, but love going to live Griffins games once in awhile.

    Thanks for the link back to my Pay Off Credit Card site. And thanks for the reminder to enter your giveaways.

    1. Jeremy

      That would be some good hockey to watch. Detroit has a history of letting their prospects develop in the minor league rather than pushing them into the big leagues right away.


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