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So the Christmas break is going very well so far. The trip to spend the holiday with family was a bit of a mess, but I’ll write more about that soon. Overall I was very spoiled and I’m very thankful for everything.

Now I’m back in the Vancouver area catching up on things. As much as I’d like to just kick back, there is just too much to take care of. I’ll have time for relaxing in a couple weeks when I go on a real vacation to Mexico.

Earlier in the month I helped organize a group giveaway contest for an Apple iPad3. The contest ended up being a tremendous success and will likely be the first of many group giveways I help plan.

I’d like to congratulate Waldemar Mopera III from the Philippines. He was the lucky winner and we’re working on getting an iPad in his hands soon.

I haven’t had a chance to draw winners for my cash giveaway contest, but I’ll be doing that soon. Then I’ll be in touch with the winners.

Modest Money Around The Web

Thank you to everyone who mentioned Modest Money on their blogs over the holidays. It’s really nice to come back from vacation and see so many trackbacks for mentions on other blogs. A special happy holidays to all of you.

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I won’t be doing a favorite posts post this week, but look forward to one next weekend. As much as I’d like to share posts from fellow bloggers this week, I am just too busy and I haven’t really been doing any blog reading.

Have a happy New Year everybody!

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By : Jeremy Biberdorf | 30 Dec 2012
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32 thoughts on “End of 2012 Blog Update Part 2

    1. Jeremy

      Yes it was a pretty nice break. I had so little responsibility that it was definitely relaxing. I’m not really full into blogging mode yet though. There’s too much to catch up on and some good sports on tv.

    1. Jeremy

      Not really much planned yet. I think we’ll try snorkeling down there, but not diving. I’m not too comfortable breathing through a snorkel and I assume a diving mask would be even worse.

    1. Jeremy

      That would be too cool to be able to drop off the prize in person Ed McMahon style with some balloons. Oh well, it’s all been taken care of. I’ll be e-mailing you guys about it soon. Thanks for helping co-host Jessica.

  1. Waldemar Mopera III

    I would like to thank Sir Jeremy of modestmoney.com and to all the sponsors of this wonderful giveaway. I am not really expecting to win at all because of the slim chances of winning the entries are like almost 20,000 and the chances of winning are low thats why I am really overwhelmed and got out of my chair and jump because of gladness. I think this is the best gift that I will receive to close out my 2012 with joy..Again many thanks and Happy New Year to all the sponsors of this contest and to Mr.Jeremy and to all the readers of this blog…I am really excited to have an ipad soon :))

    1. Jeremy

      You’re welcome Waldemar. Thank you for being accommodating with the prize delivery and being a gracious winner. Congratulations and enjoy your ipad!

    1. Jeremy

      It would probably be better to space the vacation time out, but we are getting our accommodation covered that week. So we couldn’t pass it up. After a hectic day today, I’m really looking forward to it.

    1. Jeremy

      I’ve been wanting to go there for a long time too. I just have never got around to it. This time the circumstances lined up so that I couldn’t pass up the opportunity.

  2. Waldemar Mopera III

    Good day…I already received my prize :)) I would like to give a big thanks again to Mr. Jeremy and to all who planned the event..My college studies will be more easier because of this new ipad i can now download ebooks about programming which will be a great help when i am studying my lectures :)) Enjoy your stay in Mexico sir :)

    Big Thanks,
    Waldemar Mopera III

    1. Jeremy

      Good to hear back from you Waldemar. I appreciate you making the prize delivery so smooth. I really hope you enjoy your ipad and get plenty of use out of it. Happy New Year.


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