So I did the whole year recap in yesterday’s post. If you haven’t been reading my blog for long, you might be surprised at how open I am. For some reason I can be kinda quiet in person, but on a blog I don’t mind sharing personal stuff. Go figure.

Anyways, by the time you’re all reading this I’ll be off at my mom’s house visiting family and kicking back. She and her husband had an awesome retirement house built in the interior of BC. Actually they did a lot of work themselves, but it turned out to be a really nice house. That’s not to take away from their carpentry skills. My mom did a lot of renovations on the last home she owned. She also did some carpentry work when she was young. Her husband is pretty handy too…in case they’re reading this 😉

I’ll be there for almost a week. It will be nice to take a break and not have any responsibilities for a little while. No work. No blog. No affiliate websites. No cats. No meals to cook. No groceries to buy. No apartment to clean. The thought even makes me feel more relaxed.

Of course I won’t be completely lazy. I’ll try to help out where I can with cleaning or cooking. Regardless, the change of pace will be enjoyable. I sure can’t complain about some good home cooked meals and time with family.

I’m really interested to see the progress on their house too. The last time I was there they were finishing up the deck and window trim, but that was in the summer. I suspect they’ve made a lot of progress since then. Well maybe not a ton of progress since they recently got a pool table for the rec room. So that might’ve been a bit of a distraction. I know it will be for me while I’m there.

Anyways, enough rambling. Have a good holiday season everyone. Enjoy your time with loved ones and take some time to reflect upon how lucky you are. If I don’t post again before the new year, Happy New Years too!

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What are your holiday plans? Who’s excited about turkey, presents and time with family or loved ones?

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