Ok now where was I when I left off yesterday….search engine problem, check….first potential new home viewing, check. Right…

How about I start with things on the job front. I have to say things have not gone smoothly with marketing my employer’s website. By now I really should have had their website fairly dominant in the search engines. It is doing quite well on Bing & Yahoo, but let’s be serious, that traffic is peanuts. Google progress on the other hand has been a long road with plenty of potholes.

Normally this would get a website marketer worried about his job, but really the problems have been out of my control for the most part. It’s primarily a mix of poor decisions by other people and a poorly optimized website that I don’t have access to repair myself. Luckily I’ve managed to convince my boss to bring on some outside help to fix the website. Then if all goes well, it’ll be smoothy sailing and lots of pats on the back. Or bonus checks will suffice rather than just back patting 😉

Now onto the Google AdWords PPC campaigns I’m managing on the side…in case anyone cares. If not, at least it fills up this post lol. Feel free to skip ahead if you’re not interested. The one I’m doing for a previous employer is waiting on a proper setup on their end. After meeting with them once we hashed out a decent plan and there’s not much I can do in the meantime. That’s fine with me since I have way too much on my plate these days.

The other PPC campaign is for my new personal trainer. The training is going pretty well and I’m starting to feel a bit more in shape. Now I just need to lay off those fancy European chocolates my boss brought to work. Their paid advertising campaign could be going better, but they’ve got a pretty limited budget and their website still needs some work. This weekend I’ll have to try to get that rolling. It’s just tough to find the time with everything else going on.

Well that’s mostly what’s going on with me. Keeping a little too busy, but it’ll all pay off. Is it necessarily bad to be a workaholic? Some more balance might be nice, but that will come when I’m feeling more secure financially.

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