Hmmm so what pointless stuff do I ramble on about in this favorite posts intro?

Well I’m sitting on my computer drinking some beer as my friend fights with his girlfriend on the phone. Good times. I’m subtly playing songs about breaking up and being on your own lol. It turns out I have lots of songs about that kind of thing. I don’t think he’s noticing, but hopefully I’m doing my part to push him to the right decision.

I think everyone involved knows what the right move is, but I guess it’s not my really my business. My place is likely to just support whatever he’s thinking and give a bit of feedback. What if I just want to tell him ‘leave the bitch’? Is that overstepping some boundary? I’m probably doing my part by just having him over and giving him a couch to crash on.

Ok this rambling has nothing to do with personal finance or blogging. Do I care? Not really. If I have any non-blogger regular readers they must know by now that they can’t expect any weekend financial advice from me.

So on that note, let’s send you all to some bloggers who do consistently talk about finance. Ok I admit there are some blogs that aren’t even finance blogs mixed in.

Favorite Posts On Other Blogs

Ok the bloggers on this list know full well that I have been inactive with commenting. So they can probably figure out that I haven’t reading finance blogs lately. I’ve got a strong feeling these are some good posts though :) If I had more time I’d be reading each and every one of them.

So back to my earlier rambling, what do you do when a friend is having relationship problems? Do you fully speak your mind of do you just try to support what they’re thinking? Do you feel the need to push them in the right direction if you think you know what’s best for them?

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