It’s been exciting past week or so. Last week my blog celebrated its 1 year anniversary…ok the celebrations were pretty tame, but I did put up a post recapping some of the stats so far.

Then earlier this week I was involved in 2 separate giveaways, one for $100 with a Valentine’s Day theme and a $999.99 cash giveaway. If you haven’t entered yet, what are you waiting for?? Free cash money!

Then towards the end of the week Sean from hosted a poll to determine the top personal finance blogs of 2012. I was lucky enough to be nominated. So I’d appreciate if you could head on over there and vote for me. Considering who’s nominated I know I have zero chance of winning, but I’d like to finish in the top half, especially since he might’ve copied the poll idea from me 😉

Ironically my 2013 edition of the top Canadian finance blogs poll was scheduled to go live yesterday, one day after Sean’s poll went live. Show some love for your favorite Canadian bloggers and put in a vote. Or if you’re not sure of who to vote for, I hear that Modest Money guy is pretty likable….hint hint.

On the personal side of things my girlfriend and I have been browsing condo listings and might be looking to buy soon. We might even be going to check out some places in person tomorrow. I’ve only ever done that for rentals. So it’ll be interesting to see how much more critical I am when it’s going to cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. I’m pretty excited about it. It’s been far too many years of money being wasted on rent.

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For those of you who have bought a home before, got any tips? Anything you regret from your first home purchase?

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