How Can You Trust Anything You Read Online? How Communities are Sharing Knowledge

You spend a lot of time online. I spend a lot of time online. It’s inherent to the human condition at this point, and it’s not changing anytime soon. We hang out with friends, make plans, and (more and more) educate ourselves about the world through things we’ve read online. If you’ve spent any time on social media in the past couple of weeks, you’ve no doubt heard about the protests happening in Baltimore, and all the divergent opinions that people have about these events. There’s no doubt that public opinion forms and is formed by stuff that’s written online, by our news sources, private blogs, and through the opinions of individuals tapping away on laptops around the world (like yours truly).

With a diversity of opinions, it’s hard to get good information: insights built upon research and review, not just opinion. With so many people trying to sell stuff, trying to earn clicks with tempting headlines and sensational images, how can we get better about getting at something resembling truth, in our business, in our personal interests, in our financial knowledge, and everything else we fill our time with.

It’s all about finding trusted sources and having those sources open to peer review. Communities like ProOpinion and Reddit have emerged in recent years, places where users can submit content for public consumption, without the usual gatekeepers that control TV and radio media. ProOpinion is especially apt at getting incisive data and analysis to businesses using tools like their Infographic Vault of research, as well as offering incentives for the most active users. Reddit’s rewards are immaterial, but the way the site allows every user to comment on the content and thoughts of every other user has a way of weeding out bad information and raising good.

ProOpinion offers more to business-minded users, folks determined to getting the best practices and methodologies while rubbing e-shoulders with like-minded business people and thought leaders alike. Like Reddit, ProOpinion is free to join, but unlike Reddit, ProOpinion draws upon a specific professional base. By offering a specific kind of value to its user base, ProOpinion is able to make the news generation and digestion process much more community-focused. Users can earn rewards, making this method of content generation a great income opportunity for professionals in the B2B field. Even for those who aren’t writing this stuff, it’s just as good to simply glean the best in this research through a source that cultivates excellence in research.

So if you need good information online, and you don’t trust the standard gatekeepers of news and research, it’s important to look for information where communities have a high standard for information communication. Communities like ProOpinion and Reddit are open to all, but they nonetheless cultivate a community culture that elevates excellent thinking, research, and practices. By incentivizing the generation of the highest quality content, they both maintain an excellent level of quality and are go-to sources for people looking for business content or knowledge-based writing that is excellent within all fields.

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of ProOpinion. The opinions and text are all mine.