There is a bit of a dilemma in paradise today. I really want to watch the NFL playoff games today, especially the San Francisco vs Green Bay match-up. Do I really want to sit in front of a tv while on vacation though? Well I do, but does my girlfriend and my family? Perhaps me and my step-dad will sneak off to a sports bar while my mom and girlfriend lounge on the beach.

Just in case I’m going to schedule my PVR to record those games later tonight. Yeah I’m writing this before I actually go on vacation. I want to make this vacation as computer-free as possible. I’m probably still going to bring my laptop, but the plan is to only use it to check e-mail so that I don’t have too much to deal with when I get home.

The big problem with not watching the games until I get home is how do I possibly avoid finding out who won? I guess the only way is to stay true to my plan of only using my laptop for e-mail. No Twitter. No Yahoo. No ESPN.

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