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Hello all my blogger friends out there…and whoever else is lurking. If we’ve already been chatting through e-mail or twitter, drop me an e-mail to update me on how things are going. If we haven’t chatted at all, I invite you to reach out to me and introduce yourself It’s always interesting to get to know the people following along.

Again, this week just flew by for me. I’ve just been keeping so busy that there’s barely any time to relax. Luckily blog work is pretty enjoyable which makes it a lot tougher to burn out once you’re in the rhythm of it all.

My blogging journey is coming up on one of those milestones where apparently some bloggers throw in the towel. At the end of July, my blog will be 6 months old. It seemed like just yesterday that I was picking fights with a certain forum owner and trying to comment on 40+ posts each day. Since then I’ve matured a lot and have taken a new approach.

To celebrate I’m gonna get nice and hammered. Ok that isn’t true. I’m getting old and limiting that stuff to the weekends. I think the better plan is to celebrate by giving away some swag to my readers.

Obviously I’ll be giving away some cash, because what kind of finance blogger doesn’t like winning cash? I’ve also got some other stuff up my sleeve including some ebooks from fellow bloggers. If you want to help out and co-sponsor, you’ll be sure to get in my good books and score some extra promotion for your blog. Just send me an e-mail.

I know lots of you are paying off debt, saving for your goals or just living the frugal lifestyle. So links to my blog and social shares would suffice ;) And if you can’t help out one of your favorite bloggers with that on his anniversary, know that my memory is getting a little stronger these days lol.

Modest Money Around The Web

I was pleasantly surprised with the number of mentions on other blogs this week. I wasn’t even giving away anything or hosting some poll. I do have to thank Steve from Canadian Personal Finance for his awesome guest post last week which brought in a bunch of these mentions.

Weekly Wrap-Up and What I’m Reading On the Web – 9 on iHeart Budgets

The Round Table on Money Smart Guides

Carnival of Money Pros on Portfolio Princess

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Slow Thinking, Fast Olympians and Random Thoughts for a Friday on The Canadian Personal Finance Blog

Weekend Wind Down – Niagara Falls on My Money Design

Places I’ve Been: Weeks Ending July 14th on Edward Antrobus

Mid-Year Progress Report and New Goals for 2012 on Careful Cents

Personal Finance Week in Review for July 15 on One Smart Dollar

Weekend Recap and Links on See Debt Run

Canadian Personal Finance Happy Hour – Sixth edition – Thunderstorm! on Canadian Personal Finance

Updates: July 8 – 14 on The Outlier Model

Weekly Update 24 on Evolving PF

Once Upon a Time in Anatolia… Link Love on Shopping Detox

Top 10 Personal Finance Blog Picks Of The Week! on Money Bulldog

Festival of Frugality Blog Carnival on Frugal Quack

Weekend Reading – I don’t buy tech stocks and tons of great blogs on My Own Advisor

Weekly Roundup: Great Articles This Week on Money Q&A

Thanks to everyone who shared the link love this week.

Favorite Posts On Other Blogs

Now hopefully I don’t get too much shit for combining the acknowledgements and favorite posts again. My excuse is that I’m hosting a blog carnival tomorrow. There’s no way I’m publishing a post every single day this week. So like the photo of Trip crammed in his box, you all get two long lists crammed in one post.

On the bright side, you get the full weekend to go through this reading list of some of my favorite blog posts.

Our Debt Payoff Story on iHeart Budgets

Why Now May be the Best Time to Negotiate Your Salary on Three Thrifty Guys

Consumers Are Horrible At Math on Money Smart Guides

Why I’m Not That Interested in More Money on Edward Antrobus

Haven’t You Changed Banks Yet? on The Canadian Personal Finance Blog

How to Read and Evaluate Basic Stock Metrics on My Money Design

Why Everyone Should Have a Side Job or Freelance Gig on Careful Cents

Should You Pay Cash or Finance a Car? on One Smart Dollar

Guide to Surviving a Merger or Acquisition – Don’t Be Part of the Synergies! on See Debt Run

4 Major Drawbacks of Growth in China on Canadian Personal Finance

Creating a new normal on The Outlier Model

If I Were My Financial Advisor, What Would I Tell Me? on Evolving PF

Sex: the most frugal fun you can have with your pants off (or on, whichever you prefer, I don’t judge) on Shopping Detox

Why I Won’t Scrimp On Life Insurance! on Money Bulldog

Where’s your focus…increasing cash flow or net worth? on My Own Advisor

Five Ways To Save Money At The Movie Theater This Summer on Money Q&A

So what’s the verdict from you guys? Do you prefer the format with this stuff split into posts?
Or does anyone even care?

Also, how about a refresher…how old is everyone’s blog? Has anyone seen good results from hosting a contest on their blog?

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By : Jeremy Biberdorf | 20 Jul 2012
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50 thoughts on “July 20th 2012 Blog Update

  1. Jason @ WorkSaveLive

    I don’t really care how you split it up. I just go with the flow man.

    The best contests I’ve run were book giveaways from some fairly popular bloggers/writers (Jon Acuff and Money Saving Mom). I got over 300 newsletter subscribers on the Acuff giveaway and then quite a few FB fans and twitter followers from the MSM giveaway.

    Good luck. I’ll shoot you an email momentarily to see how I can get involved.

    1. Jeremy

      Glad to hear you’re open minded about how I do these posts. Maybe it’s just me who is picky.

      It’s interesting that book giveaways do so well. I guess people really want that stuff, but are too cheap to buy it themselves. I might have to see if I can get any physical books included in my giveaway.

    1. Jeremy

      No problem Annabelle. I have to give you a lot of credit for the creativity of your link round up. The other post was a great topic too. ‘pants on’ lol!

  2. From Shopping to Saving

    I actually like seeing your favorite posts with the other stuff..because I like seeing favorite posts. This reminds me, I really need to do a link love post again.

    Happy anniversary! I totally remember when it was your first month blogging. Time flies!

    1. Jeremy

      hmm, well I hope more people are fine with it all in one post. It’s definitely easier for me that way. Who really wants to post on the weekend?

      Yeah time has been flying. Before you know I’ll be some blogging veteran who’s been around 2 years ;)

  3. CF

    Oh man… cats and boxes. My current cat actually doesn’t care for boxes too much, but previous cat looooooved boxes. It was like his fort and he’d swipe at you from inside the box as you went by.

    1. Jeremy

      hahah….I love the swipe from inside the box. Trip used to cram into beer boxes and swipe through the handle opening. He thought he was being all stealthy but I’d crack up laughing every time. Timmy doesn’t like boxes as much, but if he sees Trip in one, he’ll follow suit just to be like him.

  4. John

    Jeremy, shouldn’t your memory be getting worse? haha! I know mine is…what’s your secret? Congrats on hitting 6 months! I’m about half way there.

    1. Jeremy

      Well let’s just say I had a problem that was creating a major impairment with the memory skills. After a few months away from that problem the memory is getting a bit better. So no real secret to help you out John.

  5. Eddie

    Congrats on the six months.
    That’s awesome, and you’ve done a lot in a short period of time.
    Another six months, and you’ll be out of the danger zone where most new bloggers quit within the first 6-12 month period. I remember when I started there were all these blogs, and probably about 10-12 of them don’t exist anymore or haven’t been touched in ages.

    Thanks for the love as well.
    Have a great weekend.

    1. Jeremy

      I think I’m in this for the long haul. It is crazy how many drop off in the first several months. So many blogger friends have just stopped blogging for one reason or another. It’s just a lot of work to put into it all, especially if you don’t get to the point where you’re starting to get something back from your efforts.

  6. Justin @ The Family Finances

    It doesn’t matter to me if it’s split or all in one post, I read them either way. Thanks for including me! My blog is now 5 months old, so I’m getting close to that milestone too. I still have a bunch of good post ideas I need to sit down and write, so I’m nowhere near the point where I’m out of blog ideas.

    1. Jeremy

      That’s one thing I was worried about early on…eventually running out of ideas. I think with my current format that is a lot tougher since I really only write one finance post per week. Guest writers take care of a lot of the topics where I’m less knowledgeable.

  7. funancials

    The word lurking sounds so creepy. How about if im just visiting? I cant believe you’re only six months old. You look much older. I’m at 1 year and some change. That’s like 80 in blog years, right?

    1. Jeremy

      Well there must be some lurkers with my current traffic and how mostly only bloggers seem to comment. Maybe if I call them creepy names I’ll guilt them into speaking up.

      I get the ‘I look older’ line a lot. Most people assume my blogs been around for a long time. It’s a flattering compliment in the blogging industry. I’m not sure how blogging years translates since so many have such a short lifespan. I figure over 1 year must make you an old timer though.

  8. bogofdebt

    I kind of like the one post mixture but I’ll read either way. Thanks for mentioning me. Congrats on the 6 months! I’m coming up on the 1 year mark in October? I think that’s what it is. Enjoy your weekend.

    1. Jeremy

      Well so far everyone is in favor of 1 post which totally works for me. Thanks for the feedback. And congrats for sticking with your blog for the 9 months or so.

    1. Jeremy

      Ahh, the first person who wants it that way. I think I know why you prefer that route, but it is a bunch of extra work for me. So I’ll have to think about it. I’d rather not post on a Saturday, but I don’t want to overwhelm people with a big list either.

  9. Michelle

    I’m hoping to see some benefits to our 6-month giveaway…who knows, though? :)

    Thanks for linking Jeff’s post. I’ve been without a computer (pretty much) for a couple days due to someone very clumsy spilling wine on the lap top…okay, it was me! Anyway, I’ve got so much catching up to do. I still need to research SEO because you are obviously doing something right! Therefore, I’m going to listen to all the advice my friend Jeremy tells me! Have a great weekend!

    1. Jeremy

      Ouch, I guess wine is way worse than the water incident a little while back. Well if you’re going to listen to all my advice, I advise you to send me $50 and all will be well :)

      We’ll have to chat some more about contest ideas. I think I’ve got some good ideas to make my contest a success. So I’d be happy to help you out with that kind of thing.

    1. Jeremy

      Thanks Steve. With the amount of work I’ve put into this, it’s probably been more like 8-10 months. Unless anything drastically changes with my blog or the rest of my life, I think I will try to keep this going long term.

    1. Jeremy

      lol maybe I shouldn’t have let my blog’s true age slip. I do like to make it look like I’ve been blogging for years. Thanks Anne.

    1. Jeremy

      Thanks Todd. I really like what you’ve got started with your and John’s blog too. I think there is a ton of potential there. It should grow into something really big.

  10. Edward Antrobus

    Personally, I like them together. I like the idea of thanking others for mentioning and giving back with some mentions all together. Just seems more elegant to me.
    And thanks, by the way, for the mention.

    Expect an email this weekend about co-sponsoring with an ebook.

    1. Jeremy

      Sounds good, thanks Edward. I think the concept of the two lists in one post. The problem is the length of each list. I blame all you guys for being too generous lol.

    1. Jeremy

      Thanks Miss T. I’m not sure if it’s my voice people like or just my generosity lol. Either way, as long as people keep coming back and providing support, I’m happy.

  11. My Own Advisor

    “To celebrate I’m gonna get nice and hammered.”

    That made me laugh.

    I wish I could laugh this weekend…my internet down for most of it. Annoying. I really hate Rogers.

    Giving away from stuff eh? I’ll sponsor something at some point.

    Drop me an email in a few weeks, and we’ll talk.

    Take care, and thanks for listing my article in your VERY long list!


    1. Jeremy

      Weird I don’t have any problems with Rogers here in Vancouver. They’re usually the more reliable option. If your internet was down, that means more time for drinking lol.

      And no problem including your post. Sorry it’s such a long list. This week I might switch back to putting the favorite posts in a separate post. No promises though because it already looks like a very busy week.

    1. Jeremy

      No problem. I am running out of cat pics though. So I might have to switch it up soon or just use random animal photos from flickr.

  12. Jacob @ iheartbudgets

    6 months! Wow, you’re OLD! Hah!

    Congrats on the milestone. I’m halfway there, but I enjoy this too much to slow down. Also, I’ll be shooting you a quick email to get involved. Hope you had a relaxing weekend.

    1. Jeremy

      Yup it’s hard to believe it’s been 6 months already. Time has flown by, but I guess that shouldn’t be surprising with how busy blogging keeps me. Not too much relaxing for me on the weekends lately.


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