Hello all my blogger friends out there…and whoever else is lurking. If we’ve already been chatting through e-mail or twitter, drop me an e-mail to update me on how things are going. If we haven’t chatted at all, I invite you to reach out to me and introduce yourself It’s always interesting to get to know the people following along.

Again, this week just flew by for me. I’ve just been keeping so busy that there’s barely any time to relax. Luckily blog work is pretty enjoyable which makes it a lot tougher to burn out once you’re in the rhythm of it all.

My blogging journey is coming up on one of those milestones where apparently some bloggers throw in the towel. At the end of July, my blog will be 6 months old. It seemed like just yesterday that I was picking fights with a certain forum owner and trying to comment on 40+ posts each day. Since then I’ve matured a lot and have taken a new approach.

To celebrate I’m gonna get nice and hammered. Ok that isn’t true. I’m getting old and limiting that stuff to the weekends. I think the better plan is to celebrate by giving away some swag to my readers.

Obviously I’ll be giving away some cash, because what kind of finance blogger doesn’t like winning cash? I’ve also got some other stuff up my sleeve including some ebooks from fellow bloggers. If you want to help out and co-sponsor, you’ll be sure to get in my good books and score some extra promotion for your blog. Just send me an e-mail.

I know lots of you are paying off debt, saving for your goals or just living the frugal lifestyle. So links to my blog and social shares would suffice 😉 And if you can’t help out one of your favorite bloggers with that on his anniversary, know that my memory is getting a little stronger these days lol.

Modest Money Around The Web

I was pleasantly surprised with the number of mentions on other blogs this week. I wasn’t even giving away anything or hosting some poll. I do have to thank Steve from Canadian Personal Finance for his awesome guest post last week which brought in a bunch of these mentions.

Thanks to everyone who shared the link love this week.

Favorite Posts On Other Blogs

Now hopefully I don’t get too much shit for combining the acknowledgements and favorite posts again. My excuse is that I’m hosting a blog carnival tomorrow. There’s no way I’m publishing a post every single day this week. So like the photo of Trip crammed in his box, you all get two long lists crammed in one post.

On the bright side, you get the full weekend to go through this reading list of some of my favorite blog posts.

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Five Ways To Save Money At The Movie Theater This Summer on Money Q&A

So what’s the verdict from you guys? Do you prefer the format with this stuff split into posts?
Or does anyone even care?

Also, how about a refresher…how old is everyone’s blog? Has anyone seen good results from hosting a contest on their blog?

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