Apparently it’s been a while since I did a blog update post. Then again it’s rare for me to write more than a post or two of mine own in a week lately. Will I ever catch up on things?

First off, let’s get the condo buying update out of the way. Lots of you probably heard about the mess with the condo we were trying to buy. It seemed like we’d be able to get through it all with only having wasted a ton of time yet get the expenses recovered. That was too optimistic I guess.

After talking to a lawyer, he is recommending that we just move on and cut our losses. Yes it sounds like that biatch will get away with this crap without paying a dime. We thought we could take her to small claims court, but the lawyer thinks that will take more time than it is actually worth. Plus going that route we’d have to pay to get a court order to get back our deposit. What bullshit! Again the legal system fails to help the innocent.

On the bright side, we can finally move on and get back to looking at other condos. We can put this experience in the rearview mirror. Maybe we’ll find a better place and have a much smoother buying experience this time around. Lightning can’t strike twice, right? Well let’s not jinx this. I’ll keep my big mouth shut this time.

I forget if I ever mentioned this on here, but one of my cats (the anti-social one that looks like Sylvester) has had a string of medical problems lately. First he had pancreatitis which he seems to have recovered from, but that led to liver complications. I thought he was a princess before, but compared to his present needs, it’s no comparison at all. He won’t eat on own. He won’t drink water on his own. Lately he won’t even pee on his own. It’s like some test for actual parenthood. Twice a day I cram wet food into his mouth and try to prevent him spitting too much of it back on me. Then throughout the day I squirt water into his mouth with a syringe. Previously he’d puke some of the water up, but now he’s on anti-nausea medicine. The really fun part is how we had to learn how to press on his bladder to make him pee. From what the vet says, it takes some cats up to 2 months to recover from this kind of thing. It’s very frustrating to say the least.

I launched my blog theme late last month, but all the plans I’ve had for it have been on hold. There simply isn’t enough time lately when you factor in my sick cat, the condo issue, a longer commute to work and everything else. Hopefully I manage to find more time somehow and tackle some overdue projects. As much as I like the new blog theme, I know I need to do a lot more work to bring this blog to the level I envisioned. Anybody want an unpaid intern gig? 😉

Anyways, I could ramble on about more stuff going on these days, but that won’t help me catch up on anything. Enjoy your weekend.

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