So as Christmas draws near companies are starting to host their Christmas parties. This past week I attended two.

The first was my girlfriend’s work. It was at a swanky hotel with a full gourmet buffet….mmm, my mouth is watering thinking back to it. Since she was in charge of organizing it, I was stuck helping out with the setup and handing out gift bags. The bright side of that…no drink ticket limits :) Considering they were trying to charge $10 for beer, it was a nice score.

Then on Wednesday my employer hosted their Christmas party. Since it’s a much smaller company, it was dinner and drinks at a decent restaurant. The smaller size actually made it a lot more enjoyable. Plus it helped that my girlfriend wasn’t stressed with trying to organize things. Well then there was the lack of a drink ticket system. So all in all, it was a fun night.

I do have a personal finance blogger confession to make. The day before my girlfriend’s party, I splurged on an expensive winter jacket to wear to events like that. It was that or wear my sporty winter jacket with my dressy clothes underneath, making me stick out like a sore thumb. I could’ve gone with a cheaper jacket, but this one really suited me and I figure it’s something I can use for many years to come. So hopefully it was a solid investment. At least I look good in it lol.

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Have any of you been to any Christmas parties this season? What about buying Christmas ‘presents’ for yourself, anyone else guilty of this?

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