I hope everyone had a good Valentine’s Day. I’m writing this post a little early. So I hope mine went well, but with what I’ve got planned, I’m pretty sure it will. I won’t get into details though. I don’t want to make the other women out there jealous :)

Does anyone else care to share what you got up to for Valentine’s Day? I know there were some people out there that choose to have a quiet night and not celebrate or do something special on a different date.

Earlier this week, I had another session with my personal trainer. I have to say I paid the price for taking too long a break in between sessions. The first time I went I must’ve worked my legs a lot harder than normal or just didn’t stretch enough, because my legs were sore for days. On top of that I developed a sore throat. So not only did I put off booking another appointment, but I also didn’t get much exercise in between.

As a result the last workout was still pretty tough. I’m progressing, but still getting pretty winded. By the way, when I say personal trainer, this is more about just getting in shape rather than one who specializes in weight training.

I’ve got another session today after work. Hopefully he doesn’t work me too hard or I think it will make for a pretty quiet weekend. Maybe that’s best though so that I keep progressing. He’s the personal trainer after all. I just try to do what he tells me to do.

To repay him for the help so far I’ll have to start setting up his Google advertising campaign soon. I just hope that doesn’t make it tougher to get the time slots I prefer.

For the PPC project I’m going to be working on for one of my old employers, I’ll be meeting up with them in the next week or so. We’ll want to setup a solid plan to make sure their advertising strategy is a success. It’s not simply a matter of putting up some ads and letting them coast.

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