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I hope everyone had a good Valentine’s Day. I’m writing this post a little early. So I hope mine went well, but with what I’ve got planned, I’m pretty sure it will. I won’t get into details though. I don’t want to make the other women out there jealous :)

Does anyone else care to share what you got up to for Valentine’s Day? I know there were some people out there that choose to have a quiet night and not celebrate or do something special on a different date.

Earlier this week, I had another session with my personal trainer. I have to say I paid the price for taking too long a break in between sessions. The first time I went I must’ve worked my legs a lot harder than normal or just didn’t stretch enough, because my legs were sore for days. On top of that I developed a sore throat. So not only did I put off booking another appointment, but I also didn’t get much exercise in between.

As a result the last workout was still pretty tough. I’m progressing, but still getting pretty winded. By the way, when I say personal trainer, this is more about just getting in shape rather than one who specializes in weight training.

I’ve got another session today after work. Hopefully he doesn’t work me too hard or I think it will make for a pretty quiet weekend. Maybe that’s best though so that I keep progressing. He’s the personal trainer after all. I just try to do what he tells me to do.

To repay him for the help so far I’ll have to start setting up his Google advertising campaign soon. I just hope that doesn’t make it tougher to get the time slots I prefer.

For the PPC project I’m going to be working on for one of my old employers, I’ll be meeting up with them in the next week or so. We’ll want to setup a solid plan to make sure their advertising strategy is a success. It’s not simply a matter of putting up some ads and letting them coast.

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By : Jeremy Biberdorf | 15 Feb 2013
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32 thoughts on “Mid February 2013 Blog Update

  1. John S @ Frugal Rules

    We were going to have a quiet evening at home for V day, but I ended up biting the bullet and taking my wife out to buy her an iPad. Well, it’s really for our business, but I’d be fooling myself not to think she’ll be the one playing with it. ;) We did not go out for dinner, but will tomorrow along with some wine tasting.

    1. Jeremy

      I’m sure she appreciates that purchase if she’ll be the one using it a lot more. We did go out for dinner last night and it was a pretty awesome spread, but the price reflected that. Would’ve been a lot cheaper to go out tonight instead.

    1. Jeremy

      It is pretty fun. I used to be pretty active when I was younger. So I do enjoy a good workout and being sore the next day. Plus it’s nice to have someone who knows what they’re doing telling me what to do and how to do it.

  2. Jason @ WorkSaveLive

    I certainly hope your V-day went well! My wife and I ate the same meal that we had 5 years ago on Valentine’s day (which is when I first started getting really serious about paying down debt). It was kind of funny but it certainly wasn’t very good.

    1. Jeremy

      That’s funny that you still eat that meal out of tradition. I’m surprised you don’t add some extra ingredients to it considering how it looks like you two are pretty good in the kitchen.

    1. Jeremy

      I think it went extremely well. I had plenty of surprises for her that she wasn’t expecting. Beyond some gifts we had a nice seafood lunch and then for dinner we went to some fancy restaurant for a 4 course meal. That’s all I can share anyway ;)

  3. Edward Antrobus

    The plan was to watch a DVD and me cook a romantic dinner. But after getting up at 4am and my wife working 9 hours dipping strawberries in chocolate, what actually happened was passing out on the couch with a leftover subway footlong. :)

  4. Chris @ StockMonkeys.com

    Good luck with your V-Day and the PPC campaign. Personal trainers are great since the offer both motivation but also focus on technique. Hurt my shoulders once by hyper-extending doing butterfly presses so I learned my lesson the hard way.

    1. Jeremy

      Yep I’m definitely seeing some good benefits to have a trainer rather than just working out on my own. It also adds a bit extra pressure to go a certain number of times each week and not make excuses.

    1. Jeremy

      Yeah some of my soreness has been extending more than one day, but today I actually feel pretty good. I guess that must mean that I’m already getting more in shape.

  5. Liquid

    Working out is a great excuse to eat more food because your body needs more energy and protein to recover ^_^ Sounds like you two had a great time yesterday. Wow, 4 course dining experience, gotta try that myself some time :0)

    1. Jeremy

      I do love eating lol. The problem is now I feel more obligated to eat healthy food. So that extra snacking can’t really be the junk that I kinda want. Do try the 4 course meal sometime. It’s some damn good food.

  6. Canadian Budget Binder

    No pain, no gain mate, we all have to go through it. Keep at it and don’t wait so long in between haha! Valentine’s was good, cooked a nice dinner and made her heart shaped chocolate chip walnut cookies with red/pink icing… (I got an A+) for that one!! Have a good weekend mate.

    1. Jeremy

      I hadn’t really planned on waiting in between but I could barely walk lol. Then by the time I decided to give in he didn’t have any time slots open that week. Nice touch with the heart shaped cookies. I would try to pull that but it’s tough when my girlfriend works the same schedule and lives with me. I guess I could’ve taken part of the day off work.

  7. KK @ Student Debt Survivor

    Mid-week was too difficult for us, plus I was working 12-8 and then had a client meeting, so dinner was out. Probably will do dinner out tomorrow if we don’t get snowed in. Curious about your gift, but maybe don’t tell me because I don’t want to get jealous ;-)

    1. Jeremy

      How did you manage to eat dinner at all with that schedule? You should at least have a nice dinner at home if you get snowed in. And yeah it’s probably best I don’t share what I bought my special woman ;)

    1. Jeremy

      That sounds like a pretty tempting offer. If only I could just take a month off work like that. I’ll have to build up my side business more to get that kind of schedule flexibility.


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