So last week I said I was going to get more into blog commenting. Unfortunately that didn’t work out as planned. Just responding to comments on my blog and replying to e-mails ended up taking up most of my blogging time. So I got in very little blog commenting.

Based on the number of comments this week I guess people noticed. Although I did notice the drop in comments, I can’t really say it’s a big concern. If I get too many comments I’d just end up spending a lot more time replying to those comments. So the drop in comments actually frees up more time to catch up on my blogging to-do list.

Since my daytime job is going pretty well my blog is still mostly on the back-burner. As long as things don’t dry up completely, I’m content with just building up the amount of content, links and social shares.

I have been keeping track of who has been tweeting my posts, but I’ve been tweeting everything from my friends’ blogs. Soon I’ll have to check over that to see who is returning the favors. So if you’re slacking there, now’s the time to quick try to catch up 😉

If you haven’t already, remember to enter the $100 cash giveaway I am co-hosting this month.

Also, on Wednesday I accidentally double posted. I didn’t remember that I already had a post scheduled but then I went and scheduled a blogging tips post I had sitting in my drafts folder. So if you missed that check it out.

Modest Money Around The Web

Despite not getting as many comments this month, the links kept rolling in. Thanks everyone. Links go a long way in building up the strength of a blog. So I’d much rather get a lot of links each week than a lot of comments. If I can convince everyone else to link to my blog somehow, let me know.

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So what’s the most important criteria you use to judge the effectiveness of your blogging? Is that criteria progressing as planned?

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