So this weekend is shaping up to be a bit of a sports weekend.

Tonight there is a big UFC pay-per-view. Well it might be bigger in Canada since the main event features Georges St-Pierre. It’s his comeback fight after some injuries kept him out of action for a while. He’s got a lot to prove and has got to be pretty eager to reclaim his title. I just gotta figure out which pub to watch it at. There’s no way I’m paying $70 to watch the pay-per-view at home. Instead I can put that money entirely towards beer and pub food.

Then tomorrow is the BC Lions in the CFL Western Conference Semi-Final against the Calgary Stampeders. This year I’ve been following NFL more than ever, but CFL still holds a special place in my heart. Plus the Lions have been quite good for the last several years. That combined with a Calgary team on a hot streak and it should be a great game.

On the downside, the NHL lockout continues to drag on. It’s looking more and more like the entire season will be canceled. Thank you greedy millionaires and billionaires. I’m missing hockey enough that it might be time to hit up a junior game soon. Last time there was a lockout I jumped on the bandwagon for the local junior team. It’s nice to be able to watch some quality hockey for a fraction of the price.

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Anyone else planning on watching UFC tonight? Or is anyone else a fan of MMA?

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