Hey everyone, thanks for joining me for another review this week. I’ve talked about several resources and most of them are at least, well known in the finance community. But today, I’m going to talk about a personal finance software that has created an incredible buzz not just within the personal finance community, but around the globe.

So, what is it about Mint? Did they just pay tons of money in advertising to get the buzz going and surf the wake it’s created or, did they create something that makes people really want to talk about it? Find out in today’s, real life, honest, nothing held back review of Mint.com!

Mint Short Review

Mint Pros: Mint allows you to access all of your financial accounts in one place. It’s surprising how many companies they had to have partnered with to make this happen. They also give practical advice and insights on everything from your budgeting and spending habits to investing.

My favorite part though is that they don’t show crappy ads. Because they know so much about you, they are really able to only show ads that are interesting to you. Some may not like this concept, but you’re trusting them with your finances, you’ve gotta be able to trust their advertising practices too!

Mint Cons: Many people don’t like having everything in one place, using separate platforms allows some to concentrate more on some accounts and less on others. Also, for those who are not savvy to automation and detailed digital platforms, Mint can be a bit confusing at first.

Mint Overview: Mint isn’t perfect, no company is. But the way I look at it is this…1)It’s Free, 2)It’s Useful and 3)It’s free! Unless you are completely against automating your finances or are incredibly intimidated by automation, there’s no reason not to give it a shot! However, we haven’t even gotten into the juicy details yet, stay tuned for the long review for that…

Mint Long Review

As with any of my other reviews, I’ll start by going over price, Free! Okay, now that we got that out of the way, let’s get into the fun stuff! Mint.com is a great website and online personal finance software that allows you to track just about every piece of your financial life including debts, spending, net worth, investments, etc… Here are the neat tools they offer…

Investment Tracking – Most people that invest spread their investments out over several different companies. Having investments made in different platforms means having to remember different user names, passwords and other information. With Mint, you can check on all of them in one spot…now that’s pretty nifty!

Spending Tracking – Ever wonder, “Well, where did all my money go this month?”, Mint can answer that question for you. Truth be told, I’m doing this review as an outsider however, it’s this tracking that has me wanting to sign up. I’ll most likely do a post about the sign up process in Monday Money or on my blog. Either way stay tuned.

Now, where was I…Oh yea, it is so hard to track spending trends. Yes, we can go and create an excel spreadsheet and do the math, create the algorithms and update the sheet every day to ensure accuracy. Who has the time for all that. The math is done, algorithms created, all you need to do is log in and see where your spending habits can be improved! I love it!

Monitor Income Trends – For bloggers, business owners, people with a side hustle whatever it may be, income fluctuates and, it’s good to know when trends show higher dollars than last month or lower. Mint monitors your income trends and can help you to pick up on important patterns.

Notifications – When major things happen in your financial portfolio, Mint sends you email notifications to let you know what’s going on. Getting the information fast can help you to act fast and save or make money!

Security – Let’s face it, tracking spending requires access to credit cards and checking accounts. Tracking investments means access to investment accounts. Tracking income means that they now have 3 of the most important categories of information about you. THEY NEED TO BE SECURE! The good news is, they are! All data run through the site is done on secure https servers.

Who Should Use Mint?

In my opinion, everyone and their moms should be on Mint. It’s a great personal finance tracking software run by a trustworthy company on secure servers. Also, they get their money through targeted advertising so, their services are free! With all of these tools, those having hard times with debt can track their debts and spending to make important changes as necessary. The big time investor can track all of his or her investments in one place. The mom and pop shop can track their income and expenses…it really works for everyone!

Thanks For Reading!

I really appreciate you taking the time to read this article. Now, I’d like to get to know more about you! Have you ever tried Mint? If so, how do you like it? If not, how do you manage your finances?

Mint Review

Rating: 4.7 / 5
Mint.com ratingMint.com ratingMint.com ratingMint.com ratingMint.com rating

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