I’m thinking of finally trying to pursue some guest posting opportunities on other blogs. I think other bloggers are surprised that I’ve never done any guest posting. Instead I’ve been using other marketing strategies to build up my blog. I’m happy with progress, but guest posting might be the key to taking things to the next level.

Speaking of progress, there was a big PageRank update recently. As expected I stayed at PR4. I don’t expect to get to PR5 for a long time. So just maintaining PR4 works for me.

I’d say my most impressive blog stat would be my Alexa Ranking. I never would’ve thought I’d get that stat so low at this point. Ironically in the past I used to bash a certain blogger network for using Alexa Ranking as one of the main membership criteria. Still it’s got me motivated to work harder to get under 30k. Realistically I’d like to be at that goal by the end of the year.

Lately my RSS subscriber totals has been growing substantially too. People must be realizing how awesome this blog is…that or they just like the recent contests. Since my traffic is at an all time high, it could go either way. About half that traffic comes from search engines which is going in the direction I had been planning. I even had my first day with over 1000 unique visitors earlier this week.

I wonder what’s next for Modest Money.

Modest Money Around The Web

Of course all these stats would be peanuts without support from a solid group of bloggers. You guys and gals are all awesome. FinCon13 can’t come soon enough to be able to meet most of you. Thank you very much to those bloggers who linked to my blog this past week.

So I’ve been keeping track of who’s been tweeting posts lately. I’m just not sure of the best way to acknowledge those bloggers. Any ideas? Previously I’d just include them in my blogging tips posts but that series is on hold temporarily. Maybe link to the top 10 tweeters in my Friday posts? Or are weekly FF posts sufficient? What do you think? What would make you tweet more?

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