So I’ve now had my new Samsung Galaxy S3 phone for a few days and I’m really loving it. I haven’t got around to doing any work on it as I get used to the keyboard and get everything all figured out. Next week I should be getting down to business. When I get more use out of it I’ll have to write a proper review of my experiences.

Things continue to go well at my day job. The company is in the midst of some expansion and it’s quite satisfying being part of a company that is well run. I could see myself sticking around there long term.

On the blogging front traffic slipped a bit last week. I had been getting a lot of my traffic from Yahoo surprisingly, but that all but dried up. There’s a chance that they just did some kind of algorithm update, but I suspect it was just my lack of commenting activity that caught up to me. There was a Google algorithm released around the same time. That one apparently focused on how much content you have ‘above the fold’. So if you lost a bunch of Google traffic on the 11th, look into that.

I’m not too concerned about the traffic drop, besides the fact that I won’t be sending you guys the same amount of traffic. It’s just a bit of motivation to get back into commenting. Expect me to gradually start showing up commenting on some blogs next week. It will be with limited time though. Maybe it’s time to get some stuff outsourced.

Modest Money Around The Web

As I’m getting pretty used to by now, lots of bloggers mentioned Modest Money again this week. I can’t thank you all enough for your continued support.

Tonight my girlfriend and I will be heading to the BC Lions football game with the couple behind The Outlier Model. I’ve met up with them a few times and they’re good people. I was supposed to go to Oktoberfest with them last week but I didn’t make it after not buying a ticket in advance.

What was the last live sporting event or concert that you attended? Or what’s your favorite event that you’ve attended?

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