Later today I’ll be heading off to Victoria for a little weekend getaway. For anyone not familiar with BC, Victoria is the provincial capital. It’s on Vancouver Island and just a short ferry ride away.

The plan is to meet some of my girlfriend’s friends and just have a break from the big city. It’s probably close to 10 years since the last time I was there. Both my sister and step sister actually lived there for a while. It’s that step sister that gets the honor of feeding my cats while I’m away. That is one frustrating thing about having pets. You always have to make sure they’re taken care of if you want to go on a trip.

Besides the overnight trip we’ll probably make it back in time for me to catch most of the Sunday football action. Usually I try to fit in a few hours of blog work on Sundays too. One of these days I hope to be finally caught up on everything. That may be a pipe dream though. I guess a blogger’s work is never truly done.

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What was the last road trip you went on? Is there anything at home that has to be taken care of when you do leave town?

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