Happy Birthday Modest Money!!

Ok the actual 1 year blogging anniversary was January 30th, but since it’s my blog I’m going to celebrate on the weekend instead. Besides, by celebrating on Wednesday I’d have to write a midweek post myself which is a rarity lately. With so many great guest posts sent my way, I’d feel bad for taking their spot in the schedule.

I originally planned on doing some big giveaway to celebrate the occasion, but shouldn’t it be me getting the presents?? E-mail me for my address :) I figure I’ve been involved in more than my share of giveaways lately anyway.

The first year anniversary of your blog is one of those major milestones. Sticking with it this long shows some major dedication. Here’s a recap of the stats I’ve managed to build up in the first year:

Page Views: 284,054

Unique Visitors: 90,223

RSS Subscribers: 917

Twitter Followers: 6,604

Facebook Fans: 2,060

Google+ Friends: 528

Alexa Ranking: 32,648

Google PageRank: 4

mozRank: 5.62

Total Posts: 258

Total Comments: 11,295

Beyond some pretty stats, the best part of blogging is definitely connecting with so many great people. I’d love to list every blogger who has helped me out along the way, but there’s just too many to list. I’d manage to forget mentioning somebody. Thank you everyone. Hopefully I’ve managed to find ways to repay your favors. If not, you know where to reach me to bitch me out lol. That or you can track me down at FinCon13.

Of course this blog has benefited me in other ways too. It helped me land a sweet job doing website marketing for a finance company. It’s helped me gain valuable marketing experience. On a personal level it also opened up my eyes about my finances and really helped get me on the right track. It even helped me get over some depression issues and become a lot happier. Yeah you can this has been a pretty positive experience so far. And I haven’t even mentioned the money coming in each month.

If you’ve been thinking about starting a blog, I highly recommend you take the plunge. Just make sure you don’t think of it as a solo activity. It largely depends on getting help from others and cooperating with fellow bloggers. The benefits are more than you can imagine. I just hope my next year of blogging is as satisfying as the first year.

Modest Money Around The Web

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How many of you have already reached 1 year in blogging? If not, when is your blog’s birthday? Are you happy with the progress so far?

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