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Every business owner wants to be successful, and some make the mistake of assuming that the bottom line in their accounting software is all the proof they need to determine just how well the company is doing and how much it’s worth. But this isn’t accurate. Financial software isn’t the key to determining the value of your business—appraisal is.

Increasing the value of your business is important, and an appraisal will let you know if you’ve done that since the company’s inception. Some business owners only get an appraisal of their business when they’re looking to sell, but that isn’t the only time to you should have the business appraised. There are plenty of other reasons to get a business appraisal done, and the following are some of the top reasons to do just that.

Splitting Ownership

Sometimes the responsibilities of owning a business become too much to handle, and when this occurs, many business owners opt to split the ownership with another party. Sometimes this new owner could be a sole individual, or it could be a group of investors. It doesn’t matter who you’re splitting the company with, but if you’re ever going own this route,…

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By : Adam | 18 Nov 2014
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The Business of Coffee: 10 Surprising Financial Facts

By : Adam | 17 Nov 2014

The global industry of the coffee trade is quite large. Coffee is more popular than ever, no other beverage is more revered or respected than our trusty cup of joe. Coffee is a $60 billion dollar industry, produced by third world nations and consumed by …

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ETX Forex Trading Review

By : Adam | 14 Nov 2014

ETX Capital is the trading service brand of Monecor LTD. Since ETX Capital’s formation, the brand has extended Monecor’s tradition of excellent customer service and ethical practices (regulated by the FCA) into a variety of financial markets. With their Forex trading branch, the user will …

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Sustainable Business Practices Improve the Bottom Line

By : Adam | 13 Nov 2014

Sustainability is a term that centers around efficient business practices. Most people attribute it to the definition of “green” practices or eco-friendliness. However, sustainable business practices go beyond saving the planet as it can also save your business. Waste Reduction Keeping the waste reduced in …

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When Can I Afford to Take a Vacation?

By : Adam | 12 Nov 2014

This is a question I found myself asking. I work hard. I spend a lot of my days at a computer, on my grind. Weeks, months, years pass by in this mode of existence featured very prominently in my day to day. I’m married and …

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What Kind of Investor are You?

By : Adam | 11 Nov 2014

New investors have a lot to learn. The world of investment is vast and diverse. It has opportunities tailor-made for every type of investor. The scope of it all can be overwhelming. But by simply understanding your own goals, you make the job of choosing …

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Conquering Amazon: Get the Most Out of Black Friday

By : Adam | 10 Nov 2014

Black Friday kicks off the biggest shopping weekend of the year, but the best deals may not be in stores. If retailers learned anything from last year’s Cyber Monday sales—breaking $2 billion according to Yahoo Finance, beating Black Friday’s just over $1 billion in sales—it’s …

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