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The other day I attended a conference about the economic crisis of 2008 and its impact on the French economy (I am French so that kind of interested me).

The speaker basically told us that we were pretty much screwed for the upcoming decades. He showed us dozens of graph that proved that our economy was collapsing and that there was almost nothing we could do about it.

As I took a look at the audience I noticed that a lot of people were frightened. The person sitting next to me even told me that she had already accepted the fact that she would probably never retire.

I thought that it was sad but really interesting at the same time.

To me the behavior of that person as well as the rest of the audience explained clearly why so many people are financially unsuccessful today and why our economy has been stagnating for so long.

I believe that the reason is that people are too realistic and that they don’t take their chance.

When you take a realistic approach and look at the trends, of course it looks like we are heading straight for disaster but have people ever considered that it could actually be…

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By : Adam | 21 Feb 2015
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