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Last year at FinCon I was lucky enough to meet up with the great folks from Betterment. Some other bloggers and I had a good chat with the CEO Jon Stein. He had some interesting insight into where he wanted to take his company and why he thinks his business model has been so successful. We decided to share some of that insight with you with this exclusive interview with Jon.

1. When creating Betterment, what was your primary goal?

My primary goal was and still is to thoughtfully apply technology to help investors get a better return on life: that includes a better investment return — net of taxes, transaction costs, and behavior — while saving time, and maintaining liquidity.

2. Some investors like to choose their own ETFs, why doesn’t Betterment offer a way to do that?

We’ve done that work for you. It’s more efficient this way, and avoids the temptation to tinker. We believe we have achieved the best possible diversification for our customers. It’s part of the amazing package here.

3. What process do you follow when looking at new ETFs to add to the pool?

Our investment committee uses extensive research, years of experience and innovation…

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By : Jeremy Biberdorf | 12 Aug 2014
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