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Working as a freelancer has many perks, the biggest of which is that you have total control over when and where you work. Of course, every perk has a downside and the downside to the freedom that freelancing affords is that fact that no one will just pay you to show up; if you don’t work, you don’t get paid. Most times, the pay-for-play nature of freelance work isn’t a problem. In fact, for many freelancers, it’s a reasonable trade-off for not having to punch a time clock. However, if you are ever stricken with a serious illness, such as cancer, it can present a serious obstacle.

Working Through Your Illness

Unless you have a nice little nest egg, you will have to continue working through a serious illness; the mortgage company doesn’t care that you have stage II mesothelioma, and the phone company won’t take a doctor’s note as an excuse.

But basic survival isn’t the only reason freelancers need to work; if a you drop off the face of the earth to deal with an illness, you could lose an important client. This is why even freelancers who have decent nest eggs to fall back on can’t…

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By : Adam | 7 Oct 2014
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