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The global financial crisis has left several European countries racked with debt and riddled by soaring unemployment rates. As these hardest-hit countries focus on recovery, many will look to their tourism industries to help kick-start spending and revive their economies to what they once were.

As a result, tourists visiting these countries are likely to find cheaper deals than ever before. Here’s a breakdown of where this trend is most apparent:


Spain holidays often already come at bargain prices for British holidaymakers, yet the recent economic downturn has made trips to the Costa Brava, the Costa Del Sol and the Balearic Islands more affordable than ever.

With those in the tourism industry keen to boost sales, prices have dropped an astonishing 20% for tourists in Spain. The popular beach destination also offers some of the lowest living costs, with food, accommodation and attractions all ringing in at far less than most sunny European destinations.


The financial crisis took a while to reveal itself in Cyprus, but the penny finally…

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By : Adam | 15 Aug 2013
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