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Hey everyone, thanks for joining me for another Monday Money. I’m Josh from C.N.A. Finance. I talk about a lot here, most of it tips and tricks on saving money, spending wisely and churning rewards credit cards. But, today, I’m going to take a bit more of a personal approach. I’m going to let you in on what I believe is going to be the most important financial decision I’m going to make this year. I’ve decided to start a Betterment account.

The truth is, I’m not that rich guy that’s chatting with you from my high rise pent house in New York City. Nope, just a normal guy in a 2 bedroom apartment living the dream with my fiance. I’m 25 years old which, for all of my working life I’ve been referring to as the most important year financially for anyone! This is the year it’s time to start thinking about retirement. Wait any longer and your returns diminish by the minute!

So, my age is right on the money with getting started. Now, it’s time to think about some really important decisions that I need to make. The good news is, I’ve been helping…

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By : Josh Rodriguez | 19 Aug 2013
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