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Dental Care

Medical research is increasingly discovering the strong relationship between a person’s oral health and their overall well-being. Oral infections have been linked with diabetes, heart disease, stroke, respiratory, infections, breast cancer and premature births.

One theory is that your body’s immune system is weakened when it’s constantly stressed by the presence of gum disease, tooth decay and inflammation. Consequently, you are less able to manage other diseases. Additionally, since the mouth is the gateway to the body, infections that take root there are easily passed through the entire system, affecting everything from digestion to heart health.

Many people are aware of this issue, and want to be proactive about taking care of their teeth and gums. But the high cost of dental care – and limited coverage offered by many dental insurance plans- thwarts their good intentions. Thankfully, it’s possible to get affordable dental care if you explore all of the options available.

Dental Insurance or Self Insurance?

Dental insurance is a great choice for people who need preventive care. That’s because a standard dental insurance plan provides “100-80-50″ coverage, which refers to the percentage of particular services that the plan will cover. Most plans cover 100% of the cost…

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By : Adam | 1 May 2015
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Staff in Woodlands office, Bedford, February 2010.

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