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Well it’s been a while since I wrote one of these blog update posts. I bet you’ve dearly missed these random ramblings about my personal life 😉

Recently I announced that I got engaged and bought a condo. So I guess the big things are already off the table. Still there has been a lot going on lately.

New Condo

We’re pretty much all settled into our new condo now. Well actually there’s a bunch of things we need to eventually buy, but that can wait until our finances are a bit more comfortable. I think we’ll be at that point pretty soon…I sure hope so anyway. If not I might have to get a bit more aggressive with earning some online income…gotta use that webcam for something, right? lol

It is nice to have all of the random paperwork and running around taken care of. The home buying process was way more stressful than it needed to be. Luckily we shouldn’t have to go through that all again for quite a while. Instead we can settle down a bit and really make this our home.

FinCon 2013

The annual financial blogger conference is just around the corner, but I admit I wasn’t too excited about it. With everything else going on, it was just something I hadn’t had time to think about. This week though some e-mails started showing up in my inbox about the FinCon schedule.

Now that I’ve had a chance to go through the agenda, I’m getting pretty stoked about going. I figured I was mostly going to meet up with a bunch of great bloggers and that the presentations would be a little weak. There’s actually some very interesting topics being covered by very qualified people.

I’ve never been to a conference like this. So I don’t know exactly what to expect, but it’s shaping up to be a great time.

Review Pages

You’ve probably noticed that I’ve been regularly been publishing various reviews on my blog lately. I know it doesn’t make for very good commenting posts. It is part of my monetization strategy though. I might as well use my SEO skills and work at getting some affiliate income coming in.

I would really appreciate help fellow bloggers could provide in that respect. That includes social shares or links to those pages. So if I’ve ever helped you out with anything, now’s your chance to help me out.

Our Sadistic Cat

Ok this doesn’t have much to me. It turns out that our cat really misses being an outdoor cat. Despite living in a highrise condo, he somehow managed to catch a bird Thursday morning.

As I was working away on the computer he dropped it on the floor beside. Since he whines a lot, I was totally oblivious and kept on working. It wasn’t until my fiance came into the room and freaked out that I actually saw it.

Luckily our cat did enough damage that the bird wasn’t flying around, but he did leave a trail of feathers. Also I was forced to deal with a half dead bird. Not the best way to start the morning, but I was pretty proud of our little hunter.

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By : Jeremy Biberdorf | 13 Sep 2013
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31 thoughts on “September 2013 Modest Money Blog Update

  1. John S @ Frugal Rules

    That’s crazy your cat is killing birds in a condo. Our cat is absolutely terrified of going out side. We’ll take him out on the deck and hold him and you can tell he is just freaking out inside…so we really don’t take him out much. :) I was feeling the same way about FinCon, but am started to get excited about it ass it looks like there is a pretty solid line up of presentations.

    1. Jeremy

      Funny that your cat is scared of that. Our other cat was more like that, but eventually he came to really like being on the balcony. Still he’d run away if there was any big noises.

      And yeah FinCon should be cool. Looking forward to meeting you and everyone else there.

    1. Jeremy

      Yeah I used to do these extra week and share all the animal photos lol. Then I got too busy and ran out of things to say.

      There are some pretty solid looking presentations that I want to see, but there are also a bunch I don’t care about. So I guess those will be good times for an extra break.

  2. Free Money Minute

    Congratulations on your engagement and your new place. You have a lot of good things going on in your life right now. Best wishes on continued success in all aspects.

  3. E.M.

    That’s crazy your cat managed to catch a bird from your condo! My cats are intrigued by the outdoors, but I am way too scared to let them out. If they never came back I would feel horrible. My boyfriend has told me we should get them a leash and take them on walks but that doesn’t thrill me either. I would have freaked out upon seeing the half-dead bird, too! I need to train my cats to kill spiders as they only play with bugs and swat them around.

    1. Jeremy

      lol our other cat would always do that with bugs too. He was more concerned with getting to play with it for a while rather than just killing it. I would see him chewing away eventually though.

      Cats and leashes usually don’t mix. We tried getting a leash for our cat, but he hates having it on. So we haven’t tried taking him out with it yet.

      If you’re concerned about your cats being loose outside, it’s probably best to avoid. Usually cats are good about coming back, but in the wrong area they’re a good target for other animals.

  4. Ankit

    Congratulations for setting in a new condo Jeremy. I haven’t attended any blog conferences but I am excited to attend one soon, hopefully if something happens in Toronto, Canada.

    As for the review pages, I like how the reviews itself are written to highlight pros and cons and offer a neutral perspective. It might be a good idea to create a seperate page titled ‘Helpful Personal Finance Tools/Products’ and then have all the reviews placed there by category.

    1. Jeremy

      If you’re in Toronto, there is an annual conference for financial bloggers but it might be very soon. It’s something like CPFC.

      Thanks for the idea about having a page dedicated to all reviews. I think I will setup something like that eventually. It would be a good spot to reference them all.

    1. Jeremy

      I think for most people it is slightly frustrating, but for us it was way worse. We just happened to be going through a string of bad luck at the same time. As that was affecting the purchase things got really messy.

  5. Andrew@LivingRichCheaply

    A lot going on…new condo and marriage. Going to a FinCon sounds like it would be interesting…maybe when I’m a little more established. I don’t have a cat but my parents feed a stray cat. He likes to kills birds and put it on their porch as an offering for the food.

    1. Jeremy

      haha that’s awesome about the stray cat leaving presents. It’s both cute and a bit disturbing. I wonder what a cat is thinking when he sees one of his owners freaking out about his present and not getting any thanks.

    1. Jeremy

      Yeah I don’t really expect to learn any secrets but might get some things hammered home that I was aware of but neglected. Looking forward to meeting you there Kim.

  6. Micro

    The cat part reminds me of the cats we used to have on our farm. They would perch up gates in the barn and wait to swat birds as they flew past. I always am amazed at how good a hunters they can be sometimes.

  7. Taynia | The Fiscal Flamingo

    Congrats on your new place and getting engaged. That’s a boat load of stress right there. I wish I could make it to FinCon. It’s got a great speaker lineup. Im soooooo jealous.

  8. Sam @


    Really impressed with the progress you’ve been making. The site looks terrific and only seems to be growing!

    Likewise, I’m humbled to be one of the people that shares your articles. You’re a steward for the PF community. Keep sending those emails and I’ll keep supporting you!

    All the best,

  9. Chris @ Stumble Forward

    Great to hear you are going to FINCON Jeremy. I would love to get there this year but my funds are a bit tighter this year due to building a house. On top of that my wife and I are celebrating our 10 year anniversary this year and I’m guessing should wouldn’t want to spend it at a conference all week.

    However next year I am looking to get there for sure and meet up with everyone.


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