So this week I have been busy catching up on some work for my employer’s new website offering food waste recycling. When you set your own hours it seems that you’re always catching up from the previous week.

It’s been a while since I’ve mentioned any of my blog stats on here, but I did recently reach some milestones. First of all, I’m now over 300 RSS subscribers. Since I don’t really do much to promote my RSS feed, I am very happy with that total. One of these days I’ll have to see what else I can do to get that growing quicker.

The other milestone is that I seem to be staying under a 40k Alexa Ranking. Ever since I got under 100k I’ve just been waiting for it to start going in the other direction. I guess that’s not happening. As of writing this post my Alexa is even lower than a certain nemesis of mine who runs a blogging network.

Actual traffic has been growing substantially lately too. On Wednesday I had my all time highest traffic, about half of it coming from search engines. As search engine traffic is a high priority for my blog, I am quite happy about this development. I’ve even been getting bloggers mentioning that I’ve been sending them a lot of traffic lately.

Obviously this progress all comes back to all the awesome bloggers who have supported me. So thank you very much to everyone who has helped out in any way, whether it’s by commenting, sharing my posts socially, linking to my posts or just being a supportive friend. If I hadn’t connected with so many awesome people, there’s no way I would still be putting so much effort into this blog.

Modest Money Around The Web

Although I didn’t have as much time for link building as I would’ve liked this week, there were still a ton of blogs who mentioned Modest Money. I’m stoked when even a few blogs mention me. So to get dozens each week is pretty awesome. Thank you everyone.

If any of you ever need anything, you know you can reach out to me via e-mail. I’m always quick to respond and people always seem to be asking me questions that I know the answers to. So hopefully I’m being helpful.

How does your schedule change as fall begins? Or do you have pretty much the same routine year round?

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