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End of February 2013 Blog Update Modest Money53 Comments


Well this has been an eventful week, not all of it good. Despite that I’m rolling with the punches and staying positive.

I debated with myself about whether I should publicly talk about one of the bad things that happened. I’ll just be a bit vague about the details. You can e-mail me if you want to know more. Basically I had a bit of a problem with a certain search engine. Some of you may know what that problem is. I’ve kept the search engine traffic and rankings, but the problem still affects business.

Since I’ve experienced this kind of thing with a couple of my other websites before it wasn’t a total shock, but still quite frustrating. Due to some very supportive bloggers I may have learned how to address the problem too. Doing so long term is another story though. So I’ll need to think about things more and decide what direction I really want to go in. As a result you may see some changes with my blog in the coming weeks. Some of it will be long term changes and some may be temporary fixes…

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By : Jeremy Biberdorf | 22 Feb 2013
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Mid February 2013 Blog Update

By : Jeremy Biberdorf | 15 Feb 2013

I hope everyone had a good Valentine’s Day. I’m writing this post a little early. So I hope mine went well, but with what I’ve got planned, I’m pretty sure it will. I won’t get into details though. I don’t want to make the other …

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February 9th 2013 Blog Update

By : Jeremy Biberdorf | 9 Feb 2013

It’s been exciting past week or so. Last week my blog celebrated its 1 year anniversary…ok the celebrations were pretty tame, but I did put up a post recapping some of the stats so far. Then earlier this week I was involved in 2 separate …

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One Year Blogging Anniversary

By : Jeremy Biberdorf | 1 Feb 2013

Happy Birthday Modest Money!! Ok the actual 1 year blogging anniversary was January 30th, but since it’s my blog I’m going to celebrate on the weekend instead. Besides, by celebrating on Wednesday I’d have to write a midweek post myself which is a rarity lately. …

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Mid January 2013 Blog Update

By : Jeremy Biberdorf | 19 Jan 2013

I hope you all didn’t miss me too much. I’m back from my vacation in Mexico. I think my blog was left in good hands with some awesome guest writers. Thanks everyone. I’ve gotta say that Mexico wasn’t really what I was expecting. We were …

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January 11th 2013 Blog Update

By : Jeremy Biberdorf | 11 Jan 2013

So while most of you are reading this post, I’ll be in a plane flying to Mexico. If you’re somewhere cold, I hope I’m not making you too envious. We’ll be spending a week down there relaxing in the sun and exploring the area. I’ve …

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Mid December 2012 Blog Update

By : Jeremy Biberdorf | 14 Dec 2012

So as Christmas draws near companies are starting to host their Christmas parties. This past week I attended two. The first was my girlfriend’s work. It was at a swanky hotel with a full gourmet buffet….mmm, my mouth is watering thinking back to it. Since …

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