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June 2013 Blog Update Modest Money29 Comments


Apparently it’s been a while since I did a blog update post. Then again it’s rare for me to write more than a post or two of mine own in a week lately. Will I ever catch up on things?

First off, let’s get the condo buying update out of the way. Lots of you probably heard about the mess with the condo we were trying to buy. It seemed like we’d be able to get through it all with only having wasted a ton of time yet get the expenses recovered. That was too optimistic I guess.

After talking to a lawyer, he is recommending that we just move on and cut our losses. Yes it sounds like that biatch will get away with this crap without paying a dime. We thought we could take her to small claims court, but the lawyer thinks that will take more time than it is actually worth. Plus going that route we’d have to pay to get a court order to get back our deposit. What bullshit! Again the legal system fails to help the innocent.

On the bright side, we…

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By : Jeremy Biberdorf | 14 Jun 2013
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Beginning of May 2013 Blog Update

By : Jeremy Biberdorf | 3 May 2013

In the past I got a little carried away with these blog updates. I was posting them every week just rambling about how my blog and life outside of blogging was going. Ok so maybe it was really just a way to fit in a …

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Beginning of March 2013 Blog Update

By : Jeremy Biberdorf | 8 Mar 2013

Well I didn’t get a chance to do a blog update last week due to the Canon Rebel T4i camera giveaway starting last Friday. Beyond that excuse I am thinking of how to restructure my posting schedule. While a blog is bound to evolve over …

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End of February 2013 Blog Update

By : Jeremy Biberdorf | 22 Feb 2013

Well this has been an eventful week, not all of it good. Despite that I’m rolling with the punches and staying positive. I debated with myself about whether I should publicly talk about one of the bad things that happened. I’ll just be a bit …

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Mid February 2013 Blog Update

By : Jeremy Biberdorf | 15 Feb 2013

I hope everyone had a good Valentine’s Day. I’m writing this post a little early. So I hope mine went well, but with what I’ve got planned, I’m pretty sure it will. I won’t get into details though. I don’t want to make the other …

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February 9th 2013 Blog Update

By : Jeremy Biberdorf | 9 Feb 2013

It’s been exciting past week or so. Last week my blog celebrated its 1 year anniversary…ok the celebrations were pretty tame, but I did put up a post recapping some of the stats so far. Then earlier this week I was involved in 2 separate …

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One Year Blogging Anniversary

By : Jeremy Biberdorf | 1 Feb 2013

Happy Birthday Modest Money!! Ok the actual 1 year blogging anniversary was January 30th, but since it’s my blog I’m going to celebrate on the weekend instead. Besides, by celebrating on Wednesday I’d have to write a midweek post myself which is a rarity lately. …

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