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If You Found $100, What Do Buy With It? Modest Money17 Comments


Say you are out walking and you happen to find $100 cash laying on the sidewalk, what would you do with that tax-free present from the heavens? And don’t give me some bs that you would take that money to the police or actually claim it in your taxes.

I was faced with that scenario as a young child about 6 years old. On my way to the local corner store to buy the small amount of candy that I could afford, I noticed a few bills rolled together on the ground. I don’t recall the exact amount, but I think it was about $60. At that age I’m pretty sure that I had never had any paper money, let alone a full day’s wages at minimum wage.

So obviously I was bursting with excitement. I had hit the jackpot! It’s a wonder that I didn’t take that money into the corner store and buy the biggest bag of candy possible. Somehow I had the sense to bring that money home to ask my mom what to do with it. Thinking back, I think it must’ve been my sister that prevented that massive…

By : Jeremy Biberdorf | 1 Feb 2012
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