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A Solution to Acquiring The Best Price on A Home Security System Modest Money23 Comments


The following is a guest post from Kevin Raposo, a blogger for SimpliSafe & Infobia. Kevin covers issues related to home security, crime, safety, and consumer issues. Kevin is a dedicated writer and musician, spreading the word through music and blogging. SimpliSafe is a leader in the wireless home security field. If interested in submitting a guest post, please read my guest posting policy and then contact me.

Have you ever purchased a new car? Everyone knows that this can be one of the most painful shopping experiences out there, but what if I told you there’s something else just as excruciating? Shopping for a home security system these days can be just as difficult as purchasing a new car. The problem when looking around for the perfect burglar alarm, just like a new car, is price. Obtaining pricing for alarm systems can prove to be difficult, and in most cases, you’ll face an onslaught of sales calls day-in and day-out for months. Avoid turning the ringer off on your phone with some insider tips to elude the pesky sale calls from home security companies.

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By : Adam | 8 Nov 2012
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