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Saving Money By Making Homemade Modest Money43 Comments


The following is a guest post from Edward Antrobus. Edward is a construction worker, blogger, tinkerer and a househusband. He writes about frugality and occasionally rants about what he thinks the personal finance community gets wrong. If interested in submitting a guest post, please read my
guest posting policy and then contact me.

Recently, I embarked on a quest. Instead of getting ideas from other personal finance bloggers, I wanted to get the opinions of average people on the topic of frugality. I started asking friends and coworkers one simple question: what is your favorite way of saving money? When I asked Audrey, she responded that her preferred method was making homemade items.

“I started making things myself – face wash, bread, soon I’m going to try to make my own deodorant. Homemade is usually cheaper and better for the environment and your body. If you make your own crust and buy a few apples, you can usually make a pie that’ll serve as breakfast for the whole work week for just over a dollar :)”

Homemade Food

Now, anyone who eats apple pie for breakfast has got to be on to something. I’m personally a big…

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By : Adam | 6 Nov 2012
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