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Watch Movies At Home To Avoid The Gouging Modest Money23 Comments


As an avid movie fan, I watch a lot of movies. I’m talking a lot! To reign in the price of this obsession, lately I have been watching almost all of my movies at home instead of at the theaters. For most films, it simply isn’t worth spending more than triple the price. And that’s without buying snacks! There are plenty of other perks too.

Admission Ticket Inflation

Over the years, admission ticket pricing has gone up considerably for movies. They did drop a bit as sales declined a while back, but it’s still quite expensive. At most theaters it is minimum $10 per person. Then they sucker you in with all the 3D movies where they can justify charging nearly double. When watching a movie at a theater it is often the big budget movies that you want the full experience. So pass me my 3D goggles and take my money sir.

Meanwhile at home, you could wait for the movie to be released on DVD and pay $4 to rent it for you and your friends or family. Or movie kiosks like RedBox are as low…

By : Jeremy Biberdorf | 10 Feb 2012
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