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Jumping Back Into Self Employment Modest Money16 Comments


As some of you already know I recently made the jump back in self employment. Ok it was actually a couple months ago but I’ve been working too hard to fit in any kind of announcement.

I had been itching to make the move for a while now. Once you get that taste of self employment, I think most people will usually want to give it another shot eventually. Not only is the potential to earn more a lot higher, but it also sure is nice to have the extra freedom.

Dealing With My Previous Job

My plan was to stick it out at my job longer and ensure my online income was diverse enough. After my previous short lived stints with self employment I really wanted to make sure I did it right this time around. Going back to a day job after being self employed is just such a defeating feeling.

Of course plans don’t always go as we envision them. Due to circumstances at my job I was somewhat forced to abruptly quit. No I didn’t just get fed up and throw in the towel, but I did feel that it was something…

By : Jeremy Biberdorf | 21 Jul 2014
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Paying For Self Employment Income Tax Year Round

By : Jeremy Biberdorf | 13 Dec 2012

Since 2005 I’ve been earning side income online. I’ve gotta say, it’s pretty nice to be getting that extra income each month. At times I’ve even relied on that money as my primary source of income. While the additional money is satisfying, there is one …

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