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5 Quick and Easy Ways to Save on Auto Insurance Modest Money43 Comments


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Why you are paying more for auto insurance

Just like with many other things in your life, you are probably paying more for your auto insurance then you should be paying. Like most people, you fall into the habit of simply renewing your policy when you get your notice in the mail. It is the easiest option after all, right? Some insurance companies don’t even require that you send back anything and automatically renew your policy unless they hear from you.

The same goes for others things in your life too. Once the cable, phone or your car insurance is set up you go into payment autopilot. You get accustomed to paying the same amount each month and since it fits into your budget, you don’t really give it much thought going forward. Unfortunately, this leads to you paying more then you need to for things.

It only takes a few minutes to save a few bucks

The good news is that a little action can go a long way to help you lower your…

By : Adam | 7 Nov 2012
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Vehicle Insurance – Better Safe Than Sorry

By : Jeremy Biberdorf | 20 Aug 2012

I’m sure none of you are guilty of this, but amazingly some people take the risk of driving without insurance. I don’t know about other areas, but here in BC that is illegal…and a pretty dumb risk regardless where you live. You may be the …

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