10 Business Tips and Trends

Starting and running a business is no easy feat, and as an entrepreneur, you will require Determination, resilience, hard work, sacrifice and unswerving focus to make your venture a success. So, to make your entrepreneurial endeavors more efficient, here is a list of business tips and trends I wish someone had told me before I launched my first business.

Tip: Venture into something you are passionate about

This is the essential business tip in this blog post. Try and fill a market gap that you adore. In simpler words, the opportunity should be near or dear to you, and not some random market gap.

Trend: Outsourcing

If you need tasks or projects completed promptly, but do not have sufficient in-house staff, hire a Remote Workforce to get things done. You can outsource tasks not central to your business to talented millennials at affordable prices. Thanks to the ability to easily and securely send money online, through platforms such as Veem, you’re able to complete wire transfers both within the United States and internationally.

Tip: Focus on SEO

Over the last couple of years, SEO has grown to become a valuable tool for brands of all size. In fact, 89% of all consumers tend to perform an online search before making a purchase decision. With that in mind, soliciting professional SEO services that can increase website traffic and improve your firm’s online visibility should be a top priority.

Trend:  Accepting alternative academic credentials

Employers are expected to start taking alternate learning credentials by the end of 2018. Currently, employers list bachelor’s degree as a minimum educational requirement, but in a few months’ time, a wave of employers will begin accepting Udacity, Khan Academy, Coursera and other online courses alongside conventional education papers.

Tip:  Treat your business like a startup

Forget about fat expense accounts, fancy offices, and fast cars. Remember that your wallet is your business’s cornerstone, so practicing and perfecting the art of being frugal will come in handy. At least for the first couple of years, track every dollar and double check every expense.

Trend: Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence has been the buzzword in the entrepreneurship realm for a couple of years now. According to a 2017 study by PwC, 72% of the leading entrepreneurs surveyed believed that Artificial Intelligence would be an “added advantage.”

Better yet, the study revealed that lots of executives intend to employ AI so it can help with menial, repetitive tasks, such as time sheets, scheduling, and paperwork

Tip:  Expect hardships from time to time

The mere fact that you are an entrepreneur implies that mistakes are bound to happen, and ensuring you can survive every hitch encountered along the way is as crucial as investing in something that’s right up your alley.

Trend:  Live Video

In light of the fact that live streaming videos gained traction and interest from leading brands in 2017, we expect the trend to keep progressing in 2018. It is a digital era, so why not employ live video streaming and showcase your business’s performance via branded videos. From discussion panels and fireside chats to streaming company events, Live Video is here to stay.

Trend: Blogging

You might be thinking “Is this 2008? How is blogging still a trend?” For businesses, the need to maintain a regular blog has never been greater for the simple fact more people are online than ever before and people are incessantly in search of good advice. If you have some genuinely good advice to give (without giving away the trade secrets) it pays to be the one to provide it to the internet audience.

Tip:  Know when to call it quits

Contrary to popular belief, smart captains do not go down with their ships. Do not undertake a fool’s errand just to satisfy your ego. If it’s clear that it’s time to walk away, contemplate on what went wrong or the mistakes you made, and better yourself in preparation for your future entrepreneurial efforts.

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