10 Thrifty Driving Tips

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Most of us welcome the idea of driving at a cheaper cost and making sure that our fuel consumption is kept at a minimum. There is a lot of information out there, some good and some bad. Today’s car dealers are well aware and well advised on economical driving and the best models to recommend. But make sure you do your own homework too: read these ten tips that you can use for thrifty driving with fewer expenses:

1. Buy used cars

Getting a used car is not the same as settling for an inferior driving experience. For point of fact, there are sellers of used cars out there that have models built for efficiency and they are still in top condition.

2. Cost-effective cars

This tip applies for both new cars and used cars. Look for cars that are built to be cost-effective. This may mean the engine, the batteries, the hybrid nature of the vehicle, or being powered entirely by electricity. Paying more upfront for an efficient car may mean savings in the long run.

3. Regular maintenance

There are a lot of tips for reducing driving costs out there and many of them will encourage the regular maintenance of vehicles. If you can do the maintenance yourself, this would be a huge plus.

4. Do it yourself car wash

You’re better off washing your car yourself. Not only do you save more money, you also get a better appreciation of your vehicle. Plus a bit of exercise.

5. Coasting

Coasting is like driving for free. You hardly use any energy and yet you still move. Of course, you should only apply this method when it’s safe and when you won’t cause inconvenience. Keeping that in mind, try coasting when you can and start filling up less often.

6. Brake less often

If you don’t step on that brake pad as often, then you don’t need to keep accelerating as often. This might sound easy and obvious enough, but the fact still remains that a lot of people brake far too often when it’s not even needed.

7. Load up only when necessary

Everyone knows that a lighter load means less fuel consumed, right? But for some reason, people still keep loading up whatever they can, as often as they can. Ease up and you save more fuel.

8. Single trips

This might contradict the tip above, but there are actually exceptions to that rule. One of them is when you absolutely have to transport a lot of things. Trying your best to make it in only a single trip really helps.

9. Plan ahead

People hate to plan, but if you want to cut down on your fuel costs, you have to do it. One of the things to consider is traffic flow and schedules for traffic jams. If it’s more convenient to wake up early to go to work than to sit in traffic for hours, wake up early.

10. Drive efficiently

Plenty of sources are saying the same thing when it comes to driving responsibly and efficiently. Among them is driving with patience and ease. Otherwise, you lose out on saving more fuel when your vehicle has to fight drag and aerodynamic obstacles.

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