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Jeremy Biberdorf By: Jeremy Biberdorf Feb 21, 2023
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In a nutshell: 1000pip Builder is a signal provider that offers a signal service for the forex market. The easy-to-use platform can be used by the beginner and experienced trader alike.

The man behind 1000pip Builder—Bob James—uses a combination of technical and fundamental analysis to generate his signals.

1000pip Builder has become a popular choice for traders looking for reliable forex signals, thanks to its track record of consistent profits. However, not every signal provider is created equally.

Is this the best provider for you? Find out in this 1000pip Builder review!

Service TypeFees Promotion
Forex signal service$97/month
Discounted annual membership

1000pip Builder is best for…

Traders looking for a reliable forex signals service. The signals provider uses a combination of trend trading, fundamental analysis, and technical analysis to provide trading signals for a range of currency pairs.

Most of 1000pip Builder’s users are fairly new to forex, which is why the platform primarily uses trading strategies and trading plans that are easy to follow. Of course, since the service merely provides signals, whether or not to act upon these signals is ultimately up to the individual investor!

Pros & Cons
  • Provides text & email signals
  • Includes expert analysis
  • Solid track record
  • Limited info available about Bob J.
  • Relatively expensive
  • Returns aren’t guaranteed

What is 1000pip Builder?

1000pip Builder is a forex signals service. Created by Bob James (a forex investor with over a decade of experience), the service offers subscribers trading signals based on price movement.

1000pip Builder has received a vast amount of positive reviews on various websites, indicating that the service is a reliable source of forex signals with a consistent track record of helping traders achieve favorable profit levels.

The service itself offers 24/5 signals to subscribers via email, SMS, and Telegram. Subscribers who need additional help & input have access to full expert support. It comes as no surprise that 1000pip Builder has an ever-growing community of traders.


As implied by the name, 1000pip Builder aims to help potential users achieve growth of 1000 pips or more through the direct guidance of the forex signals.

However, the platform sets a minimum monthly target of 350 pips per month. Consistently achieving—or exceeding—this goal enables traders to enjoy a steady stream of profits over the long term using the 15 supported currency pairs.

The signals service sends members signals for 2 to 7 trades per day, which are received via telegram, email, or SMS. Members can also benefit from the analysis provided, as these trade signals come with everything you’ll need to know (including entry price, take profits, stop loss, etc.).

As mentioned above, additional support via customer support is also available if required. However, most traders should see profits using the 2-7 trading signals per day (although profits are never guaranteed).

Pricing & Plans

Now that you know the general idea of what this service has to offer, let’s go over the premium you’ll need to pay!


Unfortunately, 1000pip Builder doesn’t offer a free version of its services, nor does it provide a free trial.


The per-month cost of this platform spans a fairly wide range of prices, ultimately depending on which billing option you choose. Currently, there are three distinct price points: $97 (billed monthly), $197 (billed every three months), and $497 (billed annually).

Unfortunately, this means you’ll need to spend nearly $100 to try the platform for yourself. On the positive side, you can save over 40% simply by opting for the long-term yearly plan instead of a short-term plan!


1000pip Builder doesn’t really have many limitations to speak of. The signal trading service performs exactly as advertised, though it is limited to a mere 15 currency pairs. It’s also worth noting that while the service can technically be used by traders of any level, it will likely prove most useful to beginner-intermediate traders.

Advanced forex traders who require more in-depth data & analytics may want to consider alternative options.

Is 1000pip Builder Right for You?

This signals service is designed to help traders of all levels, making it a good option for beginner forex traders. The trading signals provided are informative and actionable, giving subscribers plenty of ways to find success.

That said, it’s important to remember that you may need to follow the trade signals for a longer time frame if you want to see sufficient profits, as it may be unrealistic to expect great progress within a short period of time. As we know, the markets can be rather unpredictable!

1000pip Builder is a forex signal provider that aims to offer quality trading signals to a wider audience than its competition. If trading forex with minimal effort is something you’re interested in, we highly recommend the service!

You can sign up for 1000pip Builder by clicking here.

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