11 Ways on How to Save on Gas During Christmas

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The Christmas season is undoubtedly one of the busiest times of the year. With work, school, and social activities in full swing, people are out and about all the time and at all hours of the day.

While you are enjoying yourself Christmas shopping and attending holiday parties, you are also spending a considerable amount of money. Obviously, you are spending money on things like food, gifts and decoration, but one area that most people overlook is how much they are spending on gas for their vehicle.

Since everyone in your household tends to be engaged in more activities than usual, your vehicles are on the road more often which leads to you spending more on gas. Amid all the holiday cheer many people lose track on how much money they are spending on gas during Christmas.

No one wants to look back on their expenses for December and see that they spent way more money on gas then they should have. But the good news is that there are a number of ways that you can save on gas during Christmas.

1. Car pool: Carpooling will cut costs on gas. If you know you are going to the same event, party, or shopping center, why not go together. You will not only save money, you will also have the company of others to enjoy.

2. Host Christmas dinner: Many people drive long distances on Christmas to be with their family. If you want to cut down on gas cost, why not host Christmas dinner this year and have everyone come to you.

3. Enter a contest: Many companies, such as retail stores and auto insurance companies, offer contests where you can win gas cards. Why not enter and try to win?

4. Donโ€™t make multiple trips: Many people go out to the store multiple times during the day. They go grocery shopping and then back home only to go out again to do moreshopping. Why not combine those trips into one and find the best route that will save you time and gas.

5. Donโ€™t forget about regular maintenance: While making sure that your car goes to the shop for regular maintenance will not reduce how much you drive, it will ensure that your car runs more efficiently and will burn less gas as a result.

6. Plan shopping trips together: Everyone needs to go shopping during the holiday season. Rather than going separately, go at the same time. This will reduce the number of trips that you will take.

7. Buy online: Why not skip the crowded stores and buy online. In most cases, you can get everything you need from the store online. Stay home, relax, avoid the cold weather, and shop when it is convenience for you.

8. Keep an eye on gas prices: Part of being a smart consumer is keeping an eye on gas prices in your area. Find out what gas stations have the best prices, and know which days are the best to get gas.

9. Drive during off peak hours: Avoiding rush hour traffic will ensure that you do not get caught up in slow moving traffic, which will increase your gas costs.

10. Ask for gas cards as a gift: If you want to save money on gas, ask for a gas card as a gift. Why not get something that is useful?

11. Use public transportation: Public transportation is a great option during the holiday season. It not only will save you gas money, it will also save you the hassle of driving in traffic and looking for a place to park when you get to the mall.

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