The mobile revolution has brought with it a tidal wave of business apps – some of them OK, some of them great, and some of them worthy of our deepest scorn. The bad stuff usually fails on its own, but I’m always on the hunt for new apps that will make my work more efficient and effective. I’m here to separate the wheat from the chaff with Modest Money’s top 5 business Apps of right now. Here’s what we like:

  1. Business Vibes. Business Vibes fills an interesting niche for millions of businesses: the B2B social network. With an enormous user base, Business Vibes is attune to the inherently social element of the world of business. Their mobile app is all about making connections, linking like-minded businesses together into ever more productive industry chains so you can sell your product faster. Business Vibes has its eyes on the international business organism which is why they created an app that appeals to professionals in every part of the world. Imagine your North American based company produces goods that are highly needed in Asia. With one swipe from your finger, you will be in contact with these companies that need your product. It’ll help you build your business into the growing global community, while strengthening the connections you already have.
  2. Hopper. This is a great free app for people who fly a lot. Business travelers will love this resource, as Hopper doesn’t simply trawl available flights like a normal app – it helps you predict the future. By analyzing the time and place where you will secure the cheapest flight, Hopper helps you make your plans well in advance. Think of it like a Farmer’s Almanac for airline tickets. It’s just another example of how incisive data can help you make your best plans for the future.
  3. Microsoft Outlook. Part of me can’t believe I’m actually recommending a Microsoft communications app, but it’s 2015 and things are changing. Outlook easily trumps similar apps for Gmail but also integrates calendar and other handy tools. Because it is inherently communicative, Outlook can finally give your business the communications and scheduling center you need for your the daily operations of you and your employees.
  4. Alfred. Turn your Mac/iPhone combo into a powerful workstation. This app is built for people who are closely tethered to both devices for work and communication, but the marriage is made complete with this app. Basically, it turns your iPhone into a remote control for all of the applications on your Mac. Applications are endless, but many users will love the freedom to finally engage or lock the computer remotely. You’ll be able to manage your shortcuts and capabilities to your liking. For hardcore and business users of Mac products, this app is a steal at $4.99.
  5. OneNote. You’ll want to have OneNote on every device that you use. It’s a special business app with lots of applications, all of which revolve around organizing diverse information. The new Android version links up with OneDrive for business, and even makes the storing of voice notes really easy (also visible on every device with OneNote). The more you use it, the more it becomes essential to your business life. I use this one every day.

Take a look at these business apps and let us know a few of your own. With new apps popping up by the truckload every day, it’s hard to keep up, and we rely a lot on word of mouth. Find a business app you think we should review? Let us know and we’ll take a look.

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