5 Ways to Make Extra Money with Less Time than You Think

Face it. Everyone can use some extra cash. Maybe you need to supplement your income in order to pay off some outstanding debts. Maybe you need to supplement your income in order to save more money for retirement or a large purchase. Or maybe you need to supplement your income due to an unforeseen incident, such as an accident or a lost job.

The reason doesn’t matter. All that matters is that you’re looking for some extra cash, so what exactly can you do to make some extra money?

1. Get a second job ‘consulting’.

This is the obvious answer. Consulting is easier than you might think. Many people reading this blog are webmasters AND financiers of sorts. So am I. How many tools do you have at your disposal that ordinary people have no clue about?

Ahrefs.com, SEMRush, Moz.com. WordPress.com plugins…. What else? Feel free to show me in the comments.  I mean I can go on and on. Think about it. You could charge someone $50 an hour just curating a list of internet tools, how and why you use them, and then teaching them how to use it. Isn’t that how I make money? Writing to you guys on how to make money?

Proof is in the pudding. Do you make money online? See #3 below. If you can show someone that you make money doing things at home that you just normally do in the day-to-day course of business to earn income for yourself, you can charge them to teach them.

StockTwits.com is a perfect example. Guy missed early stage funding Twitter as a VC, but now he owns a company that uses the platform to teach people about the markets. Ingenious.

2. Freelance.

Sometimes getting a second job isn’t an option, and that’s fine too. There are still ways to make some extra money. If you have a skill or hobby, consider freelancing in order to earn some extra cash. For example, if you’re OCD about cleaning, offer to clean houses or offices on the side. If you’re a professional graphic designer, take on some freelance work for large companies or offer services to make birthday invitations for parents in your neighborhood. If you love to write, help someone start their blog by writing a blog post with interesting ideas and content for them.

Freelancing is a great option because it allows you to earn extra money while doing something you enjoy. This way, it doesn’t feel like work.

3. Make money online.

The internet has plenty of money-making opportunities. You can sign up to get paid to perform a certain act while online, such as taking surveys or reading emails. You can also make money online by using websites that give you cash back for making regular purchases. Some websites allow you to earn cash back on thousands of merchants, which means that you can do your normal online shopping, but earn cash for doing it. Just be sure to check the site first. The internet is filled with scams, and you don’t want a potential money-making opportunity to scam you out of real money.

4. Sell items you no longer need.

Go through your home and make a pile of the items you no longer need, whether it’s clothes, household items, or other belongings. Then, take anything that’s in good condition and sell them. You can hold a garage or yard sale to try and sell the items to people in your neighborhood, or you can use sites like Craigslist or eBay to expand your customer base. Be sure to be honest in your description of the item, and price your item reasonably in order to get the most success.

5. Donate bodily fluid – funny – but no joke, people do it.

Whether you’re donating sperm, blood, spinal fluid, or anything else that may be in demand, you can earn a decent amount of cash by doing so. Some blood banks will pay $20-$30 for a donation, and they’ll let you donate two to three times per week, which can add up to an extra $360 per month.

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