6 Wild Investments No One Thought Would Work

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Investing is risky business. You can’t always predict what’s going to happen. Your money may go down the drain, you could have some extra pocket change, or you could be an overnight millionaire. The bigger the risk, the bigger the potential reward. Have you ever wondered what would have happened if no one took this big risks? Read on to find out just how lucky we are that some people took a leap of faith.


Can you imagine life without Gmail? Most people can’t. Lucky for them, Google encourages employees to devote 20 percent of their time to pet projects. That’s exactly where Gmail came from. An ambitious Google employee thought Gmail would be the next big thing, but his superiors weren’t so convinced. His superiors were dead wrong. Google invested in Gmail and there was no looking back.

Not only is Gmail itself wildly popular, the apps that sprang from Gmail are proving to be just as big.

Whole Foods

The health-centered grocery giant wasn’t always such a fierce competitor. Investors took a huge risk on this not always profitable business. The financial woes made investing in this With a committed CEO, the culture the company cultivated, and the promise of natural and organic foods, Whole Foods ended up having what it took to be a huge success. With over 300 stores in the United States, you be the judge.


A bright idea from the owners of a dog daycare service, PetRelocation.com transfers your pet from one destination to another, regardless of what those destinations are. What sets them apart is their one-stop shop business plan. When it is time to move a beloved pet from one place to another, PetRelocation.com covers everything from blood tests to customs to airline bookings. With almost $100,000 invested into this unique business offering to move any live animal to any location, business is booming.

Geese Police

These aren’t police that are geese, these are dogs who police geese. Because geese are such nuisances, someone finally decided to do something about it. If a business hires the geese police, they’ll bring border collies to patrol the area and keep the geese issue under control. With an investment of only $3,000, Geese Police business has soared with profits over $2 million a year.


The uber successful company Apple was a started out of a garage. As the company grew, trouble from the inside was to blame for financial woes. When Steve Jobs resumed his role with the company, his vision straightened everything out and the company once again had a promising future. His investment grew the company from a start-up to a tech empire. With products like the iPod, iPad, and Macbook only evolving over time, there is no telling how huge this operation will grow. Investing in it now may cost a pretty penny, but there’s no doubt it will only be worth more as time goes on.


Doggles, a dog eyewear company, may seem like a crazy business idea, but those are the ones that usually work. Whether the eyewear is a fashion statement, used to shield against dirt and other debris, or as post-surgery protection, Doggles has you covered. This small idea lands this company a profit of over $5 million a year.

This goes to show you that even if there are other competitors in the space, if you come up with a similar idea and do it well, you can rock your market and gain awesome success.

When it comes to investing, big risks can either be big flops or bring big payoffs. Choosing wisely can be difficult, so people often choose to trust people who specialize in this field. Searching online to find a great investment company is a great place to start, but seeing someone in person to get that personal connection is a huge advantage.

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